Thalassotherapy (from Ancient Greek “treatment by the sea”) is a method using sea water and wraps with compositions containing products of the sea: algae, mud, plankton extracts, sea salt, collected in ecologically clean water areas. This is a highly effective means of cleansing the skin, moisturizing, eliminating toxins, nourishing, and increasing skin elasticity. Procedures have healthful effect on the organism in general, stimulate immunity, and enable to resist infections and stresses.

Thalassotherapy has been known since 1867, when the French physician de La Bonnardière coined the term. The modern notion includes various methods of treatment at the world’s health resorts.

Sea water is known to be the source of such essential microelements as iodine, iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, and many others, and seaweeds, accumulating various minerals, compensate the lack of biologically active substances in organism. Brown algae are considered therapeutic.

Thalassotherapy is found to be effective for men and women of any age. This therapeutic and cosmetic procedure is considered to be general health-improving, strengthening, as well as preventive for many diseases, because it is proved that human blood plasma is identical to seawater.

Thalassotherapy Efficiency

As a result of algae treatment the skin visibly recovers and rejuvenates, dry skin is moisturized and nourished. Thalassotherapy is ideal for those who wish to get rid of excess weight: correct eating and properly chosen set of procedures allows losing weight effectively (1 to 3 kg per week).

This therapy is just indispensable not only in cosmetology, but also as a rehabilitation period after surgery (including plastic surgery), trauma, and recovery after childbirth.

For treatment we use real live algae – laminaria leaves, as well as micronized preparations based on laminaria and fucus. Cosmetic remedies on their basis allow fighting with cellulite, different age skin changes

Thalassotherapy produces a healthful effect on the nervous system, soothes and brings you to complete equilibrium of mind. Treatment of such diseases as arthritis, arthrosis, and rheumatism also includes thalassotherapy in its complex programme.

Contraindications and Limitations

Thalassotherapy, as well as other procedures, has its own contraindications and medical restrictions. It can not be performed if any chronic disease is exacerbated, as well as if you suffer from hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

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