The 10 most unusual spa treatments from around the world

As you know, spa treatments are an excellent way to not only fix your appearance, but also to relax, unwind, and re-energize. Here are ten of the wittiest ideas from the field.


Fish peel

Want to get rid of that dead skin fast? Then give yourself over to the fish. In fact, fish are big experts at exfoliating. Not being able to wash themselves, they have adapted from time immemorial to perfectly clean each other. There are quite a few species of fish that specialize in cleaning their congeners (and not only), and the little garra rufa fish is one of them. When a client plunges into the pool, a swarm of fish literally pounce on him and very gently nibble ONLY dead skin particles. The feeling is very pleasant and feels like a slight tickle.


Snake massage

The role of masseurs is usually played by four or five rather large snakes. They just move around the body, and the person in charge of the whole procedure makes sure that they do not sprawl. This procedure has both hot fans and equally hot detractors. If you like snake skin (which, by the way, is at the peak of fashion for more than one season) and are not afraid of live snakes, then this massage is sure to give you a lot of positive emotions.


Cactus massage

For a real cactus massage should go to Mexico. It is a rather complicated procedure during which a special cream made of several types of cacti, avocado, and tequila is rubbed into the skin. It is also rubbed using a special cactus that has no thorns.


Golden Face Mask

It is said that Queen Cleopatra slept in a gold mask in order to keep her skin young. However, at the age of 39 she had to commit suicide, so how effective the constant use of a mask of pure gold prevents aging has never been established. But the one-time use of this expensive procedure is very pleasing to the eye.


Mask for the buttocks

Today no one will be surprised by all sorts of face masks. But that part of the body, which is a kind of the opposite of the face, is not so popular. A spa in Detroit has decided to change this situation drastically, and offers a luxury mask for the buttocks. A very wise decision, since the skin there is highly susceptible to the formation of such a cosmetic defect as follicular hyperkeratosis (or as it is also called – “goose skin”). Massage and careful skin care can if not get rid of this plague, at least make it quite imperceptible.


Reiki on horseback

Cristina Di Bartolo, owner of the farm where they breed horses, believes that her pets can not only perceive special healing energy from the cosmos, but also transmit it to humans. To be sure of this assertion, it is enough to have a ride on one of her horses. In any case, the client wins: he either gets cured of all his ailments or just has a good time.


A pool with wine

To bathe in pools filled with red wine is undoubtedly very pleasant. This type of spa procedures became especially popular in Japan. Swimming pool with red wine, where your body is languidly seated, and sommelier, always ready to “pour” you a glass, of course, you will not get rid of wrinkles, but you can forget about them for an hour or two.


A massage during a gondola ride

There’s so much to see and do in Venice, but tourists don’t have much time. After a day of sightseeing it’s time to sink into a luxury gondola and a skilled masseur will “wash away” the fatigue without taking your eyes off the wonderful sights.


Antisuna in a snow cave

Lovers and connoisseurs of Russian bathhouse will be unlikely to be impressed by this procedure. But it also has its merits. The snow here is artificial, so it is available at any time of the year. The British especially like this procedure: they say it helps with hypertension and dilated pores.


Beer skin tightening

If you like drinking beer, you risk facing the problem of a beer belly and extra weight. But the external application of beer at least whole baths perfectly strengthens and tightens the skin. And some spas offer their guests to see this for themselves.

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