9 top beauty trends to follow in 2022

The coming year promises us a rich variety of beauty trends – for every taste and style. In our guide, we’ve gathered the absolute leaders, which all influencers and stylists are already excited about.

With the approach of New Year’s Eve comes the best time to update not only your closet but also your beauty habits. We suggest stepping over the threshold of the new year fully armed so that since the first days of 2022 all possible obstacles would part before your beauty on the way to the cherished goals. Together with the star makeup artist and blogger Irina Golubeva we made a top-list of the hottest beauty trends of the coming year and told you how to make the most of them.

Juicy, natural lips

Already in 2021, special attention was focused on natural lips in luscious shades, and in 2022, this trend will only strengthen its position. It’s important to note that the popularity of lip augmentation procedures is now coming to naught and naturalness is coming back into fashion.

As for makeup itself, many brands will pay a lot of attention to nude glosses, lipsticks, tints and pencils. Do not be afraid to give yourself free rein and experiment with colors: bright berry shades, shades with a plum shade, red lipsticks will be more relevant than ever. And yes, all of the above will be appropriate as in everyday life and at a formal or social event.

Makeup without eyebrows.

While 2 years ago, thick, sable eyebrows were trending, in 2022, “no eyebrows” makeup is bursting into the beauty agenda. That doesn’t mean you have to shave them off, but discolored or masked eyebrows will be in particular demand.

“Makeup Without Makeup.”

In the new year, makeup artists plan not to retreat from the “makeup without makeup” trend, which is beloved by many. Maximum airy makeup will remain an object of desire for us as well, so the weight of ladies’ makeup bags promises to remain the same.

Aim to create light textures with delicate natural shades. To do this, it will not be superfluous to stock up on foundations with lightweight textures, highlighters and fine glitters. These products can help give the skin a rested and radiant look without a mask-like effect on the face

Natural Blush

The main rule of natural blush is to use natural shades that suit your skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, choose soft shades. If your skin tone is darker, look for deeper shades.

There are many ways to apply blush, so never be afraid to experiment. The product can be applied either with your fingers or with a fluffy brush. The main task is to achieve the effect of weightlessness with the full preservation of the natural image.

Expressive cheekbones

Expressive cheekbones are at the peak of popularity this year and next year, and will definitely be 90% of a successful look. Not only sculptor, but also blusher can help to emphasize this area of the face. It is possible to apply blush together on the cheekbones, the apples of the cheeks and the eyelids.


In the trend will be options of different shapes and colors. Arrows with contrasting shades of eyeliner as well as double arrows will look especially bright. In 2022 we should pay attention to the width of the arrows as the trend will be different from the classic ones. The rule “the wider, the better” will be used. Both external and internal arrows are going to look trendy.

More rhinestones and sequins

If at the beginning of this year the sticking of rhinestones on the eyelid was controversial, from the beginning of 2022 the trend of sequins and rhinestones will only affirm its right to be present even in the daytime makeup. Makeup artists also focus on the glitters for the eyes. Even with the lightest application, they will look very effective.

Doll lashes

The main rule is not to build up the lashes from the masters. It is better to learn how to use bunched lashes and glue them yourself at home. The effect of doll lashes can also be achieved by layering mascara: simply brush the lashes with a brush with the product several times, taking small breaks, so that the mascara had time to freeze slightly.

Bright shadows

Bright eye makeup in the style of the 90s returns. Peach, olive, blue and red shades will be in trend. You don’t have to rhythm the shadows with your fingertip and blend them in just a little.

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