9 habits that prematurely age the skin

Many women are willing to make any kind of sacrifice in their pursuit for unending youth and beauty. Some of them spend a lot of money on miracle anti-aging cosmetics, others choose surgical facelifts, neck lifts, and other age-defying operations, which are more extreme options. Unfortunately, the secret to stopping the aging process has not yet been found. However, a lot of women unwittingly damage their facial skin. In this material, we will discuss seemingly innocuous practices that age. You’ll be surprised by most of them…

Using your hand to support your chin

Many people unknowingly rest their chin on their palm when reading a book or using a computer for an extended period of time. Although this position is unquestionably cozy, it is very dangerous. First of all, staying in this pose for a long period of time strains and reduces the flexibility of the skin. Second, harmful germs that cause irritation propagate through this way.

Taking too-hot of a shower

A hot shower on a cold morning is a pleasant way to improve blood circulation. However, dermatologists advise using water up to 40 degrees, which is comfortable and near to the temperature at which the body cools. Boiling water is quite damaging to the skin. This is because it dehydrates the skin and removes the natural oils that keep it protected. Can’t picture a world without hot showers? Consider lowering the water’s temperature.

Don’t forget about the body lotion

Most women rush through getting ready for work and frequently overlook applying nutritious body lotion. But you shouldn’t miss this opportunity if you want your skin to remain gorgeous for as long as possible. The lotion should ideally be applied to still-damp skin right after a shower. You may “lock in” the moisture in this way.

Overlooking sunscreen in the winter

All year round, regardless of the weather, sunscreen should be applied. Since UVB rays are still harmful on cloudy days, experts concur that sunscreen should be used during the winter as well.

Inappropriate sleeping position

In every sense, sleeping on your stomach is bad. The head is turned to the side in this position, causing the blood flow to the cervical spine and brain to deteriorate.

Additionally, it is nearly a guarantee that you will awaken with a “wrinkled” face, which will need to be repaired with the use of cosmetics and massages. Sleeping in this position also contributes to the appearance of bags beneath the eyes.

Excessive coffee consumption

There is still no consensus among researchers in the entire world. Some claim that coffee hastens cellular aging, while others assert that it really extends life. By the way, there are a lot more of the former than the latter.

Dehydration brought on by caffeine causes drooping skin and wrinkles to emerge. Additionally, drinking it harms your smile since the enamel deteriorates and causes your teeth to appear.

Consuming too much sugar and salt

Most likely not enough is said about the risks associated with salt and sugar. Sugar kills the collagen and elastin that are the “building blocks” of the skin, according to endocrinologists and dermatologists. Premature wrinkles and under-eye bags are the outcome of this. Salt is just as bad since it makes the body retain water, which makes the face swell.

Sleep deprivation

The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is 7-8 hours, according to somnologists. We can operate if we sleep 5-6 hours a day, but we compensate for the lack of sleep with coffee and calorie foods. It’s also critical to keep in mind that melatonin, a hormone that slows aging, is released while you sleep. Its absence has serious negative effects, such as a lifelong appearance of exhaustion, lowered immunity, and an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Using a straw to drink beverages

Cold beverages and freshly squeezed juices taste considerably better when sipped using a straw. The nasolabial triangle might develop deep creases because of this seemingly innocent practice.

The same is true with smoking, including the use of cigarette alternatives. So in addition to the effects of nicotine, puckering your lips might also make you look older.

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