Seek Healing in Baths

The healing effect of water has long been known. Doctors have long recognized therapeutic baths as one of the most effective methods. In ancient Rome, they used to say: “Seek healing in the baths”, believing that bathing in them prolongs youth and beauty. It wasn’t until the middle of the last century that doctors began to study the effects of water therapy on our bodies.

Water can cool or warm, it acts on the human body as a temperature, mechanical and chemical stimulus, promotes better penetration into the skin of the active components of the healing substances that are added to the bath. Helps to cope with fatigue, depression, various illnesses, make us less susceptible to colds.

Salt Baths.

At the heart of all bath salts – sea salt, which contains almost all of the Mendeleev Table. The main component of sea salt is sodium chloride – table salt. Sea salt is made by the mineral salts of the various elements.

Iodine and bromine

Baths with iodine and bromine have a calming effect, restore strength, strengthen the nervous system, and suppress irritability.

Chlorine and sodium

Sodium chloride baths cleanse the skin and promote the penetration of mineral ions into the body through the skin.


Extracts of medicinal herbs or oils can be added to enhance their effect:


salt with mint pain relieves pain, relieves spasms;

Salt with an extract of pine and rosemary activates the body’s defenses and helps reduce the pain of rheumatic disorders, increases resistance to colds;

salt with the addition of lavender, valerian, juniper, linden, saves from insomnia and neurosis;

salt with eucalyptus oil relieves the symptoms of acute chronic colds, relieves headaches, relieves inflammation of the skin after biting blood-sucking insects;

Salts with coniferous additives have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;

salt with sea buckthorn has a wound-healing effect;

salt with succession and chamomile will soothe baby’s delicate skin, relieve itching in case of diathesis.


Seek healing in baths – pearls, turpentine and hydrogen sulfide


Sulfide, or hydrogen sulfide baths are used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in gynecology, circulatory disorders, obesity, diabetes, skin diseases.

Radon baths are effective in diabetes, spinal disorders, disorders of the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, increases respiratory movement. But they, like all other baths, have contraindications, and therefore they should only be under the supervision of a doctor.

Turpentine baths refer to natural treatment methods. White and yellow baths are used. The action of baths due to the properties of the main active substance that is part of their composition. This is – turpentine, derived from resin of coniferous trees.

Indications: Diseases of the cardiovascular system, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, pyelonephritis, cystitis. Diseases of the liver and gallbladder, respiratory and genitourinary systems. Diabetes mellitus, obesity.

Contraindications: Heart disease, chronic nephritis and hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, acute eczema, scabies, inflammation or exacerbation of chronic diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, malignant tumors, second half of pregnancy, individual intolerance to turpentine baths.

Turpentine baths are prescribed for a course of 10-12 procedures. Washing with water after a turpentine bath is not necessary. If during the reception there was discomfort, you should reduce the time, temperature or amount of turpentine solution. Take turpentine baths at home should only be prescribed by a doctor.

During a course of turpentine baths may come aggravation of chronic diseases, appear fever and itching. But it is a natural reaction of the body and do not panic – it is a sign that the treatment is successful. Turpentine baths are incompatible with the use of antibiotics, hormones and alcohol.

Antler  baths

Antler baths are an extract obtained by boiling cut maral antlers. Baths have long been known as a treatment for hypertension, sciatica, stomach ulcers, atherosclerosis, dystonia, sexual weakness, lowering blood cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure, increasing efficiency, they are effective in the consequences of past infectious diseases, trauma, hypertension, polyneuritis, conditions after surgery. Antler baths are one of the oldest methods of rejuvenation and revitalization of the body. The effect of taking antler baths has a growing character and reaches a maximum of 8-10 procedure.

Pearl baths

Or as they are sometimes called – oxygen baths, when air bubbles, similar to pearls, massage the body.  – It is an ideal means to relieve stress, strengthen the body, improve general health, raise the tone of all vital organs.

Indications: nervous system disorders, nervous overload, stress, lack of exercise, fatigue, hypertension. Pearl baths are also recommended for pregnant women to improve breathing baby.

Contraindications: infectious and parasitic diseases, bleeding of all kinds, malignant tumors, epilepsy.


  Aromatic oils

Tea tree oil will help with chronic fatigue, rose oil promotes healing of skin wounds, relieves nervous tension.

Grapefruit or red orange oil is effective for cellulite, and rosemary or lavender oil for bronchitis and colds.

Ylang-ylang or sandalwood oil will improve your mood.

Pine, rosemary, or neroli oils can have a stimulating effect.

If you suffer from cold in winter, use oils which stimulate blood circulation and have a warming effect, such as black pepper, ginger or rosemary.

Fennel, geranium, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and orange oils can help you lose weight. Add 2-6 drops to the bath, no more, and the result will not make you wait long.

Contraindications: pregnancy, kidney and liver diseases, epilepsy and schizophrenia.

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