Why does the double chin appear?


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Some people develop a double chin as a result of fat buildup in the lower jaw area. Both men and women are quite concerned about this defect. Since the chin and neck region is frequently exposed, it is susceptible to outside factors.

The double chin is also described as a “fat trap,” which implies that as weight grows, fat is deposited there initially. On the other hand, if weight loss occurs, it is lastly visible under the chin.

The most common causes of double chin

The development of a double chin is occasionally unrelated to age or obesity. It occurs in the following circumstances:
anomalies in how the masticatory-speech apparatus functions. The progressive buildup of fat in the submandibular region is a result of several anomalies;

  • Face, skull, and throat structure. If a person has a short neck, they are far more likely to have issues;
  • Laryngeal protrusion (men only);
  • High jaw angle;
  • Incorrect posture. Long-term reading and sleeping on thick pillows can contribute to the development of a second chin.
  • Heredity. Human anatomical shape, protein synthesis, and metabolism quirks are inherited genetically. The majority of the time, metabolic disorders cause fast weight gain. Protein synthesis is also inhibited, which makes it harder to repair collagen. This eventually causes flaws in appearance.

  • Imbalance in hormones. Weight loss and the development of a protruding chin are frequent side effects of hormonal fluctuations in the body.
  • Sudden loss of weight. Rapid weight loss frequently results in sagging skin, notably in the submental region.
  • Immunological disorders. A drooping chin is frequently a symptom of thyroid disease.
  • Incorrect posture. Muscle tension is sometimes caused by relaxed posture, a lowered head, or a hunched posture. A double chin may develop over time.
  • Overweight. Lower jaw fat builds up as a result of significant weight gain.

A double chin develops as a result of loosening neck muscles, extra fat, and elasticity loss in the skin. Massages, specialized exercises, and aesthetic treatments can all be used to alleviate these issues. If none of this works, you can always consult a plastic surgeon.

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