SPA-Capsule Procedures

Spa-capsule is one of the new inventions in the field of rejuvenation of the body, which is a special capsule in which a person is placed. Spa-capsule is a complex device with a certain set of procedures aimed at restoring the body, rejuvenating it, relieving fatigue and nervous tension. Spa-capsule combines in itself, water, infrared and some other procedures.

Spa-capsule is a water procedures – different types of massages. Water massage in such a capsule acts at once on the entire surface of the body. Thus, the overall blood circulation increases, and correspondingly the cells of various organs receive significantly more oxygen, which in turn leads to increased regenerative and immune functions of the body. To make all the procedures in a SPA-capsule have a greater effect, it uses a variety of natural oils, gels, salts and other additives that contribute to an even greater positive effect on the body.

Spa-capsules are implemented with the function of infrared treatments, which are one of the most advanced modern procedures. The infrared radiation is several times more beneficial than the usual heat exposure because it is able to penetrate not only into the surface layers of the skin, but also into the deeper underlying tissues and thus activate many active centers of the body. Thus we can conclude that the Spa capsule is a comprehensive approach to revitalization of the body.

SPA capsule for spa procedures

The philosophy of SPA is relaxation, complete relaxation and restoration of vital forces with minimum time expenditure. SPA philosophy is harmony of body and soul. SPA procedures present a new attitude to yourselves, your health, appearance and state of mind. SPA procedures exhibit the latest achievements of medicine and cosmetology – thalassotherapy, massages, mud and water treatment, sauna, phyto-bath.

Spa-capsules for recovery of your body, anti-cellulite treatment

You may use SPA-capsules for short-term relaxation for 30-45 minutes at any time convenient for you. SPA-capsules have modern health and beauty facilities. Applying them, you can carry out programs to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, body detoxification, relaxation, restoration of biorhythms and treatment of depressive states, boost immunity, purification, nutrition and recovery of skin, weight loss, fighting cellulite, relieving muscle fatigue and pain. Spa-capsules have a unique recovery effect on the whole body as they use classic therapy methods combined with new technologies.

Spa-capsules with a “dry” sauna effect

The main function of SPA-capsules with the effect of “dry” sauna is a deep warming of the body. Healing effect technology is based on creating a unique microclimate inside the SPA-capsule. Integrated effect on human body is made by dry warm air, ionized air and inhalation of essential oils, vibromassage, music therapy, chromotherapy. The choice of capsule regimen allows for both toning and directional stimulating effect and so deeply relaxing effect on the whole body.


Hydrofusion SPA-capsules

The hydrofusion SPA-capsules present new technologies for skin and body care. The hydrofusion technologies consist in simultaneous deep heating of the body by means of infrared rays and steam enveloping impact on the body. This combination is ideal for SPA body care procedures using therapeutic mud, seaweed, silt, aroma- and phytotherapeutic agents and different masks. Hydrofusion Spa-capsule warms up the body to a depth of 4 cm without heating the surrounding air, which promotes the process of lipolysis and removal of toxins from deep subcutaneous layers. Infrared radiation increases the activity of collagen, which makes the skin firm, supple and youthful. A vapor film enveloping the body maintains the necessary moisture in the skin and helps the active substances contained in cosmetic products to penetrate into the upper layers of the dermis. In Spa Hydrocapsules well-proven methods are used – Vichy shower, hydro-massage systems, various sprays, hand shower. The Vichy shower allows thalassotherapy treatments with the application of consistency masks under comfortable conditions, contrast treatments in spa care. Hydromassage function helps to relieve spasms and muscle relaxation, simulates the physiological processes of the body.

Spa capsules for additional spa treatments

Hydrofusion and “dry” Spa capsules have additional functions such as phyto- and aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy. Traditionally phyto- and aromatherapy methods are used in spa procedures, which increase their effectiveness and create a great mood. Chromotherapy allows either to immerse client into relaxation or to excite and tone up. The effects of monochromatic color have an age-old tradition and application for the purpose of wellness. A spray system for applying cosmetic products to the skin can be used for skin moisturizing procedures, self-tanning, application of phyto-extracts or therapeutic preparations. Spray solutions can contain both finely dispersed ingredients and water-soluble ones. The hand shower allows a manual hydro-massage and a final rinse of the cosmetic products.

Special cellulite treatment programs with the Spa-Capsule

Spa-capsules, besides basic functions, can have additional possibilities: spa-massage, spa-capsules have special programs of wellness – weight loss, detoxification, cellulite treatment, skin nourishing and moisturizing, rejuvenation, relaxation.

 General protocol of SPA-Capsule procedure.

  1. Steam sauna (t 48o C, 5-7 minutes).

2.Exfoliation (peeling)

  1. wrapping.
  2. Program in a SPA-capsule (steam sauna, infrared sauna, vibroblade, water treatment (Vichy shower, foot massage, back massage, Scottish shower, irrigation with vitamins)) – 35 minutes.
  3. Scalp massage with aroma oil.
  4. General relaxing body massage with cream

Time of procedure is 2 hours

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