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If you want to share examples of your work and experience, offer practical advice to our readers, your point of view or opinion on a relevant topic, if you enjoy watching, analyzing, and organizing your thoughts in interesting articles, become an author at Fit World Media. The editorial board of Fit World Media invites you to cooperate. Our project is growing fast and our audience is growing rapidly. In this connection, we decided to find new authors and fill our team. However, we should mention that the articles are not paid. The article you wrote is your free ad because, with interesting and useful information, you will show yourself as an expert in your field. The more professional and interesting it is written and the more useful the information in the article is the more readers and potential customers you will have.

Relevant articles for our website may be:

Practically targeted and applicable tips

Examples of personal experiences

Personal point of view and opinion on the topic

The site’s audience is healthcare professionals, corporate executives, and managers, young professionals, students, and startups. What are the requirements for the article?

Your article should be unique.

The topic of your article should be useful and interesting for Fit World Media readers.

The article should be directly related to the topic of the site. You can write in any section of the site.

The article should not be promoted to a product, company, or technology.

The author must submit at least 2 articles per month with a minimum of 800-1200 words in order to be presented with a photo and information on the site.

Not allowed:

Advertising links in articles are not allowed. You can read our policy for advertising in the media. The main author’s composition enjoys a serious discount from our standard prices for advertising.

If you would like to be our author, if you have any questions please email us at the attached form or info@fitworldmedia.com  We look forward to being part of our team!   The registration form is here – https://www.fitworldmedia.com/become-an-author/

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