Information Partnership

DiTech Media has the ability to become a distributor of information to organization or event.

We offer:

  • Announcement of your event on which consists of:  before the event – introduction in sector “Events”, publishing a few interviews with chosen lecturers by you, focusing on their performance during and after the event – summary consisting with information feedback regarding the event.
  • Announcing your event on social media –  Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter
  • Press releasing publications specifically aimed at your event at DiTech Press Center.
  • Publishing letter announcement to the subscribed readers.

We expect:

  • Information partner status
  • Posting our logo on your website with dofollow link to
  • Recognizing us as an information partner in the announcement
  • Mentioning us on social media platform
  • Placing our logo, the event materials
  • Giving the required attention to 1-2 of our event representatives
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Company Infomation
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