Why do we get sick and old?

Tatiana Shirkova
Nutritionist. Member of the Association of Nutritionists and Health Coaches.

We live our best lives—and look and feel the best—when we are young. But there comes a time when we begin to notice that the ease has vanished, our figure is beginning to smudge, and diseases are beginning to appear.

What should we do right away?

We dash to the gym, the beauty salon, then the doctor without first considering what caused these changes. Nearly all people are experiencing the same changes. We therefore accept it as the standard and make no effort to identify its root.

Is it normal that the world’s most common diseases are cardiovascular? Haven’t our genes evolved a good cardiovascular system over millions of years?

Is it typical for 40% of the world’s population to be obese?

And the explanation is obvious. Our bodies become depleted by the food we put into them every day.

You can blame our bad status on age or psychosomatics, or, in the worst-case scenario, place stents in the vessels. However, without removing the cause, the issue cannot be resolved.  It’s similar to having a flat tire in that you can simply keep pumping air into to keep it inflated instead of having to take it to a shop for repairs.

Our body can no longer handle the toxins and waste products that come from our modern food, and because we don’t have time to get rid of them, they accumulate to a point where they disturb cell function. This can result in a variety of health problems.

However, changing our customary method of eating, which has already brought us to our current position, is all that is required for the cells to work appropriately.

Yes, this is psychologically challenging since we have always eaten in a specific manner and have developed certain eating customs.  But it’s important to make your own decision about whether to tackle the problem at its root or keep battling its symptoms. Your decision is yours.

Include as much fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can, and stay away from sugary and fatty items like candy, soda, chips, and fried foods.

And this should not be considered a diet but rather a way of life that promotes health.

Our health is ultimately the most valuable resource we have. Maintain your health! 

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