Why are you so hungry?

Veronica Schultz

Fitness instructor, nutritionist, nutrition psychologist, and a lifestyle consultant

How often does this happen to you: you feel like you’ve eaten enough for the day, you’re well-versed in healthy eating and lifestyle choices, you understand you’re physically full, but your feet automatically go toward the refrigerator? Despite not feeling hungry, you still desire food. Here are five reasons why people regularly overeat and solutions to these issues.

Your meals are monotonous every day

You prepare a pot of borscht and eat it every day for a week. You don’t add additional meals to your menu besides spaghetti, potatoes, and rice. The body craves “tasty stuff” when it doesn’t receive a variety of foods. These are typically dishes that are sweet, floury, and fried.

Tip: Include new recipes in your menu planning and get comfortable cooking a variety of dishes not just for special occasions but also on a regular basis.

A diet built around limitations

In your attempt to lose weight you forbid yourself to eat many foods. All the time your organism is in conflict and sooner or later it cannot endure. You have a crash and overeat. And instead of indulging in one piece of chocolate every day, you eat a pound at a time.

Tip: Stop following diets, they don’t work. Start learning the basics of rational eating. Food isn’t about weight loss, it’s about energy that gets you moving and breathing.

You’re not eating enough throughout the day

You return home, unwind, and suddenly your body makes a request. The calories that must be consumed during the day are consumed all at once. Your body stores all the food in fat tissue because it assumes it won’t eat again tomorrow.

Tip: Learn to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly. Try to make it a habit.

Your daily routine is boring

You’re trapped in a daily pattern and the days are monotonous. Food is the only source of happiness. It seems to sympathize with you, comprehend you, reassure you, and bring you joy.

Tip: Consider what else makes you happy. Give part of your responsibilities to others to free up your time. After that, the need to eat will vanish.

You had a difficult childhood

You were consistently undernourished and didn’t see quality products. These worries have persisted until maturity. And you eat more than necessary out of fear of going hungry.

Tip: Let go of the past. The world can avoid starvation for decades with the strategic stores available today. Enjoy the present time.

Be healthy and take care of your body and soul.

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