Standing on nails – a way to improve physical and mental health

Anna Kashka

Master of standing on nails with over 8 years experience

Founder of the online Transformation School and Course author. Her class, “The Master of Standing on Nails”, has trained over 300 students. Graduates who successfully complete the program go on to become in-demand leaders and manage businesses all around the world. 

Owner of a bodywork and meditation center -“Tantric People” in Chelyabinsk.

How may one’s physical and mental health be improved by standing on nails?

A house analogy can be made with our body. All of the lower body’s bones, beginning with the hip bones, make up its basis. The feet serve as the foundation.  The internal organ reflex points are located on top of the feet. All of the feet’s nerve points are reached during the nailing activity. This is a potent whole-body reflex-energy massage. The body and soul are refreshed, numerous shackles and obstructions are removed, repressed emotions and feelings are released, and the body develops a sensual, alive quality that is open to receiving. As a result, one develops a greater awareness of their desires and life direction.

Who should practice walking on nails?

Standing on nails is suggested for everyone, even youngsters and the elderly. The main thing is to consider the individual’s health.

When is it beneficial to stand on nails?

When a person doesn’t feel anything, has lost their zest for life, or only feels strong, unpleasant emotions, standing on nails is advised. It is also beneficial for people who have relaxed and become silent or, on the other hand, have become as focused as they can be in order to begin a new task.

Standing on your toes is also a wonderful technique to boost your immune system and relieve anxiety. Your mission can be found and limiting ideas can be transcended with the aid of nails. It is a technique that teaches you to have complete faith in your body and yourself.

What are the risks involved in practicing standing on nails?

You should be aware that standing on nails puts a slight strain on the body, therefore if you have a chronic ailment, you should see your doctor before attempting this sort of exercise.

Among the contraindications are:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Mental health issues.
  • Avoid standing on nails if you have a cold, an illness that is exacerbating, or foot injuries.
  • Although being pregnant is not a strict no-no, you should assess the dangers and always seek professional advice.
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