Do anabolic steroids cause addiction?

Addiction is defined by medicine as uncontrollable compulsive drug usage that continues despite having negative effects. We shall talk about whether using these medications can result in addiction in the final part of our series on the subject of steroids.

Steroid Addiction Symptoms

Numerous athletes make attempts to stop using anabolic steroids but fail. They employ the remedies for a longer period of time than is prudent or necessary. The following behaviors are also commonly observed:

  • Trainers spend a lot of time investigating and experimenting with different hormones and treatments.
  • Despite the fact that athletes are aware of the physiological issues hormones can bring, steroid use is nevertheless prevalent.
  • There are typical withdrawal symptoms. This is a state in which the desire to use the specific medication is strong. Addicts otherwise feel irritated and anxious.

The aforementioned traits show that anabolics fall under the category of addictive drugs. Addicts are typically people who began using the medications before becoming 16 years old. This is the age group that is most susceptible and prone. Teenagers observe the effects that their friends acquire by using steroids and begin to copy them. The abuse of anabolics starts here.

What occurs in the body during anabolic steroid withdrawal?

Athletes use cycles to take anabolic steroids. This establishes a method for long-term use of large steroid dosages (from a few weeks to a few months). Following the cycle’s conclusion, a break is made and no preparations are undertaken.

However, abruptly stopping steroid use has negative psychological effects in addition to physical ones. Most athletes who have quit using these substances report experiencing sadness, extreme exhaustion, insomnia, appetite loss, diminished libido desire, and ongoing frustration and self-dissatisfaction. As a result, it is essential that the use of and withdrawal from anabolic preparations be done under the guidance of a qualified medical professional.

There are two phases to the side effects of steroid withdrawal, according to experts. When flu-like symptoms start to manifest during the first week, the first phase begins. The person is experiencing joint pain, a runny nose, and fever. In the second week following withdrawal, the second phase begins and can extend for several months. The psychological components become apparent at these times.

To avoid the negative effects of abruptly ceasing their use, some athletes take tiny amounts of steroids in between cycles. The result is the exact opposite. The typical rest and recovery process for androgen receptors is not possible. They continue to be “crammed” with anabolics and do not react at all to the intake of androgenic medicines at the start of a new cycle. As a result, the expected outcome, i.e. an increase in muscle mass, is not achieved.

This craving for steroids on a regular basis, even in tiny dosages, indicates a psychological dependence on them. As a result, “steroid feeding” is a serious error that unfortunately many people make.

Adolescent anabolic steroid effects

Statistics show that more than 60% of anabolic steroid users began using them when they were under the age of 16. The risk of side effects is also increased in younger users of these medications.

Teenagers’ usage of anabolic substances has a detrimental impact on their growth and development during puberty. Bone growth in the arms and legs may be slowed. As a result, the body grows in an uneven manner.

Aside from the early termination of bone growth, acne can also occur and get worse with time. The rash is prevented from spreading by stopping anabolic steroids, but the resulting scars may last a lifetime. To get rid of them, surgery might even be required.

Unfortunately, other therapeutic options are ineffectual. The truth is that anabolic drug users are hazardous to the ordinary rash medications, even in little amounts. This is because liver enzymes cannot generally interact with other medicines because they are primarily focused on neutralizing anabolics. Rash drugs consequently build up in the body and have harmful toxic effects.

The Harm of Anabolic Steroids – Part 1
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