How Celebrities 40+ Maintain Their Health

The more you take care of your health, the better your chances for a long and happy life. How do celebrities in their 40s+ keep themselves in shape?

  1. Jennifer Lopez: No to caffeine and bad habits

The incomparable J. Lo celebrated her 50th birthday this year, but she still looks like a young beauty. The secret to her amazingly fresh and radiant skin is wearing sunscreen all year round. The celebrity avoids the sun’s rays for fear of an increased risk of skin cancer. She also doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol at all and stays away from foods that contain caffeine. “It really destroys your skin as you get older.”

  1. Goldie Hawn: eating right and meditating

American actress Goldie Hawn is 73 years old, but few would give her more than 50. To look so gorgeous, she has to put a lot of effort. The celebrity sticks to conscious eating and regularly practices meditation. To help others learn how to cope with stress, as well as to increase concentration and attention, she has created her own foundation to promote meditation.

  1. Holly Berry: Intensive workouts and healthy sleep

At 19, Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes, but that didn’t make her give up. She admits that she put all her energy into fighting the disease, began to follow a special diet and plan small meals 4 times a day. In her diet, she relies on vegetables and avoids processed sugars and drinks a lot of water.

The 53-year-old actress exercises five times a week, alternating between yoga, boxing, cardio and strength training. Her progress is monitored by her personal trainer, who makes her exercise plan. Another secret to maintaining the health of the actress is 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

  1. Jennifer Aniston: healthy versions of her favorite foods

If it is difficult to give up your favorite food, you just need to learn how to prepare it properly. That’s the principle actress Jennifer Aniston lives by. In addition to her workouts and yoga classes, she maintains her health with a balanced diet. In addition to clearly healthy foods, it includes options for not the most healthy dishes, whose recipes are improved. For example, if Jennifer wants lasagna, she will replace pasta with vegetables and still have a delicious and healthy dish.

  1. Hugh Jackman: swimming and boxing

On October 12, Australian actor and singer Hugh Jackman will celebrate his 51st birthday. Today, as many years ago, he is majestically called “fitness machine”, alluding to his excellent shape and strong physique. To achieve all this, in addition to swimming in the ocean in the warmer months, he practices a run of 7-8 miles every day, doing boxing and does not give up dance training. “Boxing is the best thing to do if you need to lose weight and you want to do it in a non-boring way,” says the celebrity.


  1. Cher: Working out five times a week.

Sometimes it’s hard to force yourself to get out to the fitness center even twice a week, and 73-year-old actress and singer Cher works out up to five times in seven days. “It’s something I’ve always done and I love it,” she admits. Not surprisingly, her figure is still a role model. In addition to working out at the fitness center, the celebrity generally leads a healthy lifestyle, surfing, getting out for long walks outdoors and playing tennis.

  1. Cindy Crawford: A Proper Breakfast

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is 53 years old and her figure is as graceful and slender as it was 30 years ago. Cindy admits that she allows herself “liberties” in her diet, but she is meticulous about planning her breakfast. “It’s really important to start your day right. If you eat healthy foods for breakfast, it energizes you and sets you up for business. I drink protein shakes, and throughout the day I support my body with green tea.”

  1. Kelly Ripa: Treats only once a week

The American actress, TV host and comedienne celebrated her 49th birthday a couple of days ago. She admits that nothing tastes better to her than pizza and fries, but she limits her consumption to one meal a week. In addition, she tries not to eat a lot of cheese and fatty foods, giving preference to vegetable salads, soups and diet fish. By the way, you can always find a good bottle of wine in her refrigerator.

  1. Patrick Dempsey: cycling and hiking

The American actor and car racer is 56 years old. For him, there are still no restrictions in fitness exertion. His pace of life could be the envy of even a very active fitness athlete, because Patrick manages to walk about 100 miles a week, roll hours of cycling and practicing horseback riding. In addition, he doesn’t forget about weightlifting and intense strength training.

  1. Eva Longoria: no refined carbs

The 44-year-old film actress and director has virtually no fast carbs on her menu. She ruthlessly cuts out those found in potentially harmful foods like pasta, rice, bread and pasta. Instead of all that, she relies on vegetables, leaning on broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts and other varieties. It’s worth noting that experts advise against following the celebrity’s example, as low-carb diets can be detrimental to your health.

  1. Chelsea Handler: lifting weights

The owner of a radiant smile, American comedian Chelsea Handler is 44 years old. And she knows exactly what to do to look and feel great. Regular workouts that include working out her biceps, triceps and other muscle groups help her build a trim body and have a positive effect on her overall health.

  1. Rob Lowe: defeating bad habits

The 55-year-old American actor’s shape and state of health today can only be envied. And all this because he was able to defeat his main vice – passion for alcohol. For more than 20 years he has been leading a sober lifestyle, surfing big waves and practicing skydiving. There are whispers behind the scenes that the actor took to his senses when he saw his picture in a popular magazine called “The Worst Beach Bodies.”

  1. Gwen Stefani: working out on suspended trainers

Last week, songwriter and actress Gwen Stefani celebrated her 50th birthday. And she looks even more beautiful than 10 years ago. Gwen confesses, that TRX-workouts help her to keep her health and perfect figure. Such workouts not only perfectly work the muscles, but also sculpt the figure of her dreams.

  1. George Clooney: hot yoga

The famous American actor had serious health problems in his life, but he managed to solve them with the support of doctors. Now, at the age of 58, he looks fit, and bikram yoga helps him in this. This yoga discipline is considered challenging, considering the high temperatures in which one must practice. But it’s a great way to tone your body, build muscle mass and increase strength.

  1. Richard Gere: Daily Meditation

American movie actor Richard Gere knows how to age with dignity. At his venerable age (70), he willingly tells us that in order to keep his mind clear, he meditates daily. “Meditation helps me reduce stress, manage pain and lower high blood pressure. It’s also a great motivator and helps me be happier

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