Alginate masks: how do they solve the 8 most difficult problems of women’s skin?

If you try this mask once, you will love it forever. That’s because its effect is visible after the first treatment.

What is the secret of the alginate masks?

It is all about the composition of the mask. The basis of the masks is alginic acid and its salts, obtained only from brown and red algae. Sodium alginate activates the protective properties of the skin, retaining moisture. The main producers of alginate are European countries, USA, India, China and Japan.

And another basic element of the mask, thanks to which the deep layers of the skin are rejuvenated and nourished, is diatomite. This is a rock consisting of the remains of various algae, known for its unique adsorbing properties.

How does the mask work on the skin?

Sodium alginate when mixed with water turns into a gel rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and other useful substances. This gel-like consistency helps to penetrate into the most difficult folds and wrinkles, thereby nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The salts of alginate acid contribute to the rapid hardening of the mask and make it plastic on the face.

Why is it better to get a mask in the salon?

Alginate mask is a new generation cosmetic product, about which professionals know best.  It is in a beauty salon will choose the correct composition of the mask, do facial massage, apply special serums on the type of skin under the alginate mask. All this will increase the result of the procedure and the effect of the mask itself.

The composition of alginate masks now there is for every taste, because it is supplemented by such valuable components such as:

– Hyaluronic acid. The strongest skin moisturizer, which increases skin elasticity and fights age-related changes.

– Collagen. A cell renewal stimulant that helps smooth wrinkles and correct facial contours.

– Vitamin C.  An antioxidant that regenerates cells, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and helps to get rid of post-acne.

– Chitosan. A polysaccharide that helps dry skin retain moisture longer and helps better nourish the epidermis.

– Ginger Root Extract. A refreshing and toning facial ingredient that returns a healthy complexion to the skin.

Depending on skin problems, alginate masks in beauty salons are usually divided into types:

– classic – for deep hydration and lifting;

– rejuvenating – for skin elasticity and firmness;

– moisturizing – for additional moisture nourishment of the skin;

– Anti-inflammatory – to reduce sebum production, tighten the pores and prevent various facial irritations.

Can I use the alginate mask at home?

Yes, you can. Today the production of alginate has reached a mass level and alginate masks are no longer a rarity as ten years ago.

Usually the masks are sold as a powder, which should be diluted with normal, but preferably not chlorinated water, and thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous gel is formed.

Stages of the procedure at home:

  1. Prepare your face for the mask. Wash your face with cleansing gel, foam or milk. Scrub peeling will help cleanse the skin of keratinized cells and even out the relief.

Use a toner (lotion or tonic based on your skin type). 3.

Apply an active cosmetic: serum, nourishing emulsion, etc. The alginate mask will intensify the action of these cosmetics. It will promote their deep penetration into the skin layers.

  1. Dissolve the powder and water in a soft silicone bowl in a 1:3 ratio, then quickly stir and quickly apply with a spatula to the face along the massage lines. You should get a thick layer of mask on your face.
  2. After 10 minutes, the alginate mask will finally thicken and plasticize on your face, become rubber-like and shrink your skin.
  3. Keep the mask on your face for about 30 minutes, then proceed to remove.
  4. Carefully pick up the edges of the mask along the contour and remove it in the direction from the chin to the forehead. Remains of the product can be removed with a tonic.
  5. Finishes the procedure with any facial cream according to your skin type. Makeup can be applied almost immediately.

Tip: during the procedure take a horizontal position, which will ensure an even distribution of the mask on the face and its better penetration into the skin. It is important to avoid getting the mask in the eyes.

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