Air Baths for Health and Beauty

Air baths are a type of aerotherapy (treatment with air). The procedure consists in the effect of air on the human body. During the air bath our skin begins to breathe. During the day it is hidden under clothing, which prevents the free access of oxygen. The layer of air between the body and clothing equates to a temperature of about 27 degrees. When we undress, the skin cools dramatically, which turns out to be a great exercise for the blood vessels.

How to start taking air baths

It is recommended to start them in the summertime in the open air. You can start them in the winter indoors, but be sure to air the room.

Take such a bath is better in the morning or evening, preferably before a meal. The best option – to undress naked. If this is not possible, let a minimum of clothing. During the air bath, you can sit and read a book, or do household chores.

The desirable air temperature is 15-20 degrees. If the body is weakened, start with three minutes, gradually increasing the time to 10 minutes. A healthy person can take such a bath for half an hour.

A very important condition – the procedure should be pleasant. Do not wait until there is a “goose skin”. And to warm up, you can do physical exercises. The ideal place for the procedure is a forest, mountains, sea, or any other area away from industrial plants.

To begin with, refrain from wearing very warm clothing. Whenever possible, expose your skin frequently. Try to keep the window open when you sleep. Get in the habit of keeping windows open when the weather is warm. On cold or frosty days do not forget to air the room.

What are the benefits of air baths for health and beauty?

– They are very useful for improving metabolic processes.

– The procedures strengthen the muscular and nervous system.

– It strengthens the thermoregulatory system.

– They are considered to be an excellent means for normalizing the emotional background and reducing increased excitability.

– Improve appetite and sleep, become a great source of vigor and good humor.

– Bring back to normal respiratory and cardiac function.

– Normalize blood pressure.

– The body hardens, reduces the risk of disease.

– The skin becomes healthy and fresh, and therefore beautiful and healthy.

Specialists about the health benefits of air baths

Air procedures do not have any contraindications. According to the famous Russian doctor Zakharian TA, fresh air has a unique ability to heal, many times superior to some drugs. The most useful is considered sea air.

These days, the use of air baths is very popular for both prevention and treatment. To improve health, such procedures can be carried out all year round.

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