Why cardio workouts are necessary and what they do?

One of the best ways to lose weight for girls and women is regular cardio training with a properly calculated load. During exercise, the heart rate increases, the blood is saturated with oxygen, so the metabolism increases and fat burning takes place.

Cardio training can be done at any time of day – morning, afternoon and evening, which allows you to plan your day as rationally and comfortably as possible. Moreover, the load can be given not only in the gym, but also in the street – during a brisk walk, run, climbing stairs.

When training indoors, it is necessary that it be well ventilated – with increased loads, the body actively uses oxygen.


What is a cardio workout

Cardio exercise is an aerobic workout designed to increase your metabolism, with intense heart and lung work. Regular workouts of 40-60 minutes provide an opportunity to strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance, and keep the body in great physical shape. Any workout that makes your heart work harder is called cardio exercise.

What cardio exercise is for:

– To lose weight;

– to increase endurance;

– Increase the intensity of the cardiovascular system.

Stable cardio exercise contributes to the gradual burning of fat, and in combination with even minor strength (anaerobic) exercises, the formation of beautiful elastic muscles takes place. Body lines become clearer, the figure acquires its inherent natural flexibility and lightness.

During the exercises, it is necessary to keep the heart rate in a certain set interval during the whole class or movement.


What exercises are part of a cardio workout

It is not at all necessary that the exercise takes place in a gym. It can be running, swimming, walking on skis. And even climbing to the 9th floor and higher without an elevator can be considered as a workout with cardio effect.

If the main requirement (the necessary heart rate for 20-60 minutes) is met, the exercise or activity is a real cardio workout.

The main types of cardio workouts are:

Walking. Perhaps the most common type of cardio exercise. For beginners in sports or for people with a lot of weight it is a good solution – with a relatively low load the heart is not overloaded. You should start by walking at your usual pace, gradually increasing the speed of movement.

A good effect is also observed in the interval movement – alternating a quick step with movement at a habitual rhythm. The main thing is not to stop, and all the time to move.

Running. It is possible to run both on the street and in the gym – it all depends on the desires and preferences of the trainee. Running on the spot, interval running, jogging – each of these types of movement can provide the right intensity. During a workout you should monitor your breathing, heart rate and overall condition. In case of a sharp deterioration of well-being it is necessary to stop and perform a few breathing exercises.

Important. The load should be increased gradually. Also, running poses a certain danger to the health of those who suffer from excessive weight.

Swimming. A great solution for everyone – with a noticeable effect from the classes. To get a lasting result it is necessary to visit the pool with a regularity of 3-4 times a week. The main advantage of this type of cardio exercises is the minimum load on the spine. For this reason, swimming is recommended not only for healthy people, but also for patients with spine and joint problems.

Classes on simulators. Conducted traditionally in closed rooms. With insufficient experience is recommended to start training under the control of an instructor to avoid errors in setting the load.

Aerobics, dances. Rhythmic movement with music provides a stable and sufficiently high load, which is very enjoyable. Dance and move everywhere – at home, in clubs, in nature. The results will impress you.


Training on cardio machines

For those who prefer to work out at the gym or at home, cardio machines are available. The special features of this equipment allow you to set your body’s resistance level, which is hard to achieve, for instance, with a regular jog in the park.


An increase in heart rate is made possible not only by increasing blade speed (up to 15 km/h) but also by raising the platform up to 15°. A slight incline helps you get your heart rate up even at a relatively low walking speed. Modern treadmills are equipped with a heart rate monitor so that athletes can monitor their efforts and adjust them accordingly. They are installed in gyms, rehabilitation centres and clinics.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical is a specific piece of fitness equipment that works nearly every muscle group. The special elliptical trajectory of the pedals facilitates almost complete removal of the load on the joints. The equipment includes a heart rate monitor and computer programs that help you effectively distribute your effort.


This exercise bike simulates cycling, placing most of the load on your leg and gluteus muscles. Its preset programs let you customize your workout to suit your needs and vary its intensity according to your preference. The workout can be done in a “seated” or “standing” position, the latter activating your whole-body muscles.

Cardio equipment innovations

The coolest gyms have started to install new multi-functional equipment – spin bikes that look like exercise bikes and provide constantly changing resistance levels, summit machines that simulate climbing, cardio stations. The built-in software lets you set your workout mode, record your HR and lets you expand your exercise regime.

The equipment does not take up much space and can be installed at home, too. The main thing is to ensure fresh air while exercising.

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