What is deep workout?

Tired of lifting weights and exercising on machines, and yoga and stretching seem unbearably boring? Deep work – a workout that will diversify your athletic routine. In Russia this type of training is just beginning to gain popularity. So it is more interesting to be among the pioneers.

What is deep workout?

In the translation from English deep work means hard work. And we will have to work not only on the body, but also on the strength of the spirit, because the training combines cardio and power exercises and spiritual practices.

Each exercise has many variations: simpler for beginners, more complicated for experienced athletes. Therefore, the same workout will be equally effective for people with different levels of training.

Deep work in the best traditions of Eastern philosophy sees the person as a unity of mind, body and emotions. And requires the coach to comply with the rigid structure of each lesson. It includes five consecutive stages dedicated to a particular element:

  1. Earth. The training begins smoothly and slowly.
  2. Wood. Gradually, the movements are becoming more and more energetic.
  3. fire. Intense cardio.
  4. Metal. Power exercises.
  5. Water. The class finishes with stretching and meditation.

All movements are made smoothly, flowing one into another. From the side training looks like a mix of yoga and dance, martial arts and strength training. Due to this approach, coordination and flexibility are improved and the deepest muscles are worked through.

Depending on the trainer’s preferences, the music for the class can be anything from Deep House to singing Tibetan bowls. The main thing is that it should be rhythmic, with increasing amplitude.


History of creation

The creators of the direction of deep work are former gymnast Robert Steinbacher and professional dancer Alexa Le. This coaching couple from Switzerland have been working together since 1999. Their first brainchild was bodyART, a program that combined stretching, cardio and strength training.

The new project – deep work was born in 2010. At the same time Robert Steinbacher was recognized as the best trainer in the United States. And three years later a new kind of fitness received the title of the best functional program in Europe.

The main principle of the program – the alternation of the maximum tension and full relaxation. Great attention is paid to breathing: the main effort in strength exercises should be performed on the inhale.

The benefits of deep work training

The main advantage of deep work will be noticed by practitioners after the first workout. In contrast to strength training or aerobics, which squeeze out the last strength, functional training, on the contrary, fills you with energy.

And with regular exercise:

– will give you a balletic posture;

– add a few centimeters in height;

– saturate the brain cells and blood with oxygen;

– bring the body into athletic shape.

Effective this type of fitness and for weight loss: 1 hour of intensive exercise coaches promise to burn 800-1000 calories.



Deep work is a workout of high intensity. Therefore, it cannot be recommended:

– pregnant women;

– People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases;

– athletes in the rehabilitation period;

– beginners and experienced athletes during exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as in case of acute inflammatory processes.

If there are any doubts, the right thing to do is to consult with your doctor. And only after his approval to start classes.


Who is suitable workout?

There are no restrictions on age and level of training in deep work:

– Intensive training can include in its program as a beginner in fitness, and an experienced athlete;

– both men and women can enroll in deep work groups;

– A rich set of exercises that is repeated 2 to 3 times a week, fully covers the need for physical activity of an average citizen of a metropolis. But if you want, deep work can be supplemented by strength training, yoga or stretching.

In order to do deep work, you need only two things: a spacious gym and a small mat. But advanced athletes can add dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells or bench presses to their exercises.

If you ask a trainer to describe his workout, he will invite you to a workout with a smile. And it’s not because he has nothing to say about a new fitness trend. Just deep work need to feel the soul and body, feel the harmony of yin and yang in the alternation of rapid and smooth movements. And only then you will be able to understand whether such training suits you.

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