Who are fitball workouts suitable for?

Age, physiological characteristics, overweight and fatigue do not interfere with exercises with a fitball. Use balls in gyms and rehabilitation centers, in the home. Training on a fitball is suitable for anyone who cares about their health. Exercises with a gymnastic ball are needed:

– For regular exercise to strengthen the body, muscles, weight loss, improve posture, figure, overall health;

– for pregnant women: training prepares the muscles for childbirth, relieves tension from the lower back, improves circulation;

– children of any age: for endurance training, strengthening muscles, coordination of movements;

– To newborns, from the 2nd week of life, to strengthen the vestibular system, relieve muscle hypertonicity, improve circulation;

– for elderly people to improve tone, coordination, blood circulation;

– During the rehabilitation period in recovery from injury;

– As a relaxation and anti-stress therapy after a day of work.

The Swiss ball is used even in maternity homes: swinging on the fitball, rolling it from side to side relieves pain during contractions. Many pediatricians recommend rocking the baby, springing on the ball: it both calms the baby and massages the muscles of the lower back.

Harm and contraindications

Although the benefits of exercises with a gymnastic ball are undeniable, there are certain periods and human conditions when training with a fitball is not recommended. It is not worth the risk in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially with uterine hypertension and the threat of miscarriage. Do not perform exercises with a ball with severe spinal injuries, including – intervertebral hernia. People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or have serious internal organ pathologies, should consult a physician about fitnessball exercises.


How to choose a fitball?

The effectiveness of exercises with a fitball depends not only on the intensity of exercises, but also on the right size of the ball. With a small one it will be uncomfortable to exercise, and with a large fitball there is a high probability of falling and getting injured. There are two options for choosing a projectile.

  1. Sit on the ball, bringing your legs together in front of you, back straight. The inclination of the knee joint should ideally be 90⁰, maximum – 110⁰. If the inclination is a sharp angle, the ball is small for you.
  2. If you have no opportunity to “try on” the ball, and the purchase is made remotely, guided by the following parameters:

– newborns, children, teenagers and adults up to 1 m 52 cm in diameter is recommended a ball 45 cm in diameter;

– People with height from 1 m 52 cm to 1 m 64 cm – 55 cm;

– at the height of 1 m 64 cm to 1 m 80 cm – ball diameter of 65 cm;

– if the athlete is over 1 m 80 cm, buy a fitball 75 cm;

– For those who have height over 1 m 90 cm, fitballs with a diameter of 85 cm will do.

For gym classes choose a classic smooth ball. Beginners, children and pregnant women should buy a fitness ball with “horns” for more confidence. Massage – “knobby” projectile works deeper with muscles: it is good for fighting cellulite and neurological pathologies.

Important! When choosing a fitball, you should pay attention to what the maximum weight it is designed for. In addition, the ball should not be too elastic or soft, the effectiveness of exercise depends on it – you should adjust the degree of pumping.


6 effective exercises

The convenience of exercises with a fitness ball is that they do not require the participation of a trainer and do not require additional equipment, which allows you to successfully train at home. It is recommended to spend at least 40 minutes a day exercising with a gymnastic ball, while straining the muscles as much as possible. The break between exercises is 30 seconds. Before you start the exercises, you should warm up the muscles to warm them up.

Exercised with a ball in three positions: lying, standing, sitting. Exercises for a fitball there are a lot, as a rule, they are combined into complexes for different muscle groups. The main purpose – stretching, strengthening or relaxing the muscles. Here are a few of the most effective exercises with a fitball.

  1. Exercise on strengthening the abdominal muscles. Lie on the mat, grip the ball between the ankles perpendicular to the floor. Outline circles in the air with the ball – to the right, to the left, alternately. This exercise will make your abs beautiful and sculpted.
  2. For losing weight on the buttocks and abdomen. An effective way to get rid of fat deposits on problem areas. Lie on your back, put your feet on the fitball, slowly perform a reverse push-up.
  3. Exercise for strengthening the gluteal muscles and the rear surface of the thighs. Starting position is lying on the floor with arms lying freely along the body. Place your bent legs on a fitness ball, fixate it with your feet. As you exhale lift your pelvis up, stretching the body in a straight line. As you breathe in take the starting position.
  4. Exercise for chest and neck muscles. Sit on the mat, lean with straight arms on the floor, back straight, place the fitness ball below the knees. Inhale: your elbows are bent, pointing to the sides. Breathe out and return to the starting position. This exercise is for a beautiful bust.
  5. Exercise “Beautiful buttocks”. Lie on the floor, with your straight legs on the ball. Raise your right leg high, then return it to the starting position.
  6. Exercise “Wasp waist”. Starting position is back on the ball, with your feet shoulder-width apart, bent at the knees and resting on the floor. Hands are behind your head. As you exhale rise up diagonally, separating the shoulder blades from the ball, right elbow reaching for the left knee. As you exhale start position. Then repeat with changing elbow and knee. Don’t hold your chin to your chest.

Regular performance of these exercises will help to form a beautiful, toned body and elastic muscles. The main thing to achieve the desired result – observe the intensity and regularity of exercise: exercise at least 4 times a week and perform each exercise at least 10-14 times. And one more thing: you have to exercise in a good mood and with a desire – and then the effect will not be long in coming!

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