Why do I need to exercise on a fitball?

A beautiful figure and weight loss, recovery from injury, muscle training – the benefits of skillful use of this simple and accessible sports equipment can be tangible. Fitball appeared in our lives a few decades ago, and now it is impossible to imagine a gym or rehabilitation center without it. Fitness and yoga, therapeutic exercise and Pilates, home classes – the use of a gymnastic ball gives an amazing effect. Let’s talk more about this sports equipment and how you can benefit from exercises with a fitball.

What is a fitball?

Fitball is a resilient gym ball with a large diameter, made of heavy-duty PVC and inflated with air. This type of sports equipment is also called orthopedic or Swiss – after the place of its invention. The idea was developed in the mid-twentieth century by children’s physiotherapist Susan Kleinfogelbach, who was rehabilitating children with cerebral palsy. Beginning in the 60s, the invention began to be used all over the world. And two decades later an American doctor Joan Posner Mauer included exercises with a fitball in the program of rehabilitation of patients after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and the ball began to be used in therapeutic physical training. Later, the popularity of this simulator has increased, and it spread around the world.

Fitball (fitball) in English – a combination of the words “slimness” and “ball”: the name exactly matches the content. This is an effective trainer, available to everyone, which can simply blow and put on the shelf and easily take with you on the road! In the manufacture of this projectile use technology Anti-Burst System, which prevents the ball from bursting: as a result, it can withstand a load of up to 300 kg!

People paid attention to the possibilities that a gymnastic ball is a versatile inexpensive piece of fitness equipment, and began to use it for exercises not only in gyms and rehabilitation centers, but also at home. Training with a fitball strengthens the muscular corset, helps recover from injuries, lose weight, get rid of cellulite, develop dexterity and coordination of movements.

The peculiarity of exercises with a ball – in simplicity and effectiveness of their use, allowing the use of this tool for people of all ages, gender and health. And one more important positive point: for all its advantages fitbol can afford anyone – both students and seniors. And in popularity gymnastic balls can vie with dumbbells or expander.

Attention! Do not confuse a fitball with a medball – a medicine ball. The latter has small dimensions, weight – from 1 to 12 kg and is used as an alternative to kettlebells or dumbbells.

Variety of gymnastic balls

Despite the simplicity and versatility of gymnastic balls, they have several varieties. Fitballs differ in color, diameter, stiffness and texture. The diameter of a Swiss ball varies from 45 to 95 centimeters and is chosen according to human needs and individual characteristics. Stiffness depends on the degree of inflation of the ball and the density of the material from which the fitball is made. According to the texture Swiss balls are divided into several categories.

– Smooth. This is a universal type of fitness ball, it can be seen more often than others in gyms. Such projectiles are used for relaxation, relaxing the back muscles, strengthening the abs.


– Hoppers are balls with “horns”. Recommended for children, pregnant women. On the ball with handles it is easier to keep your balance while exercising.


– Spiked (with bumps). This is a massage type of fitness ball: exercises with it disperse the blood and have an anti-cellulite effect.


This is interesting! The color of a fitball does not matter much, but if you choose a ball of your favorite shade, the benefits will still be there: scientists have proved that our body and psyche are sensitive to the color spectrum. For example, the blue tone calms, red adds energy, green – removes fatigue, and the pink and yellow colors – improve mood and banish depression.

Benefits of exercises on a fitball

The peculiarity of a fitball, which makes it universal, is that during exercises with it the motor, vestibular, visual and tactile apparatus are involved in the work simultaneously. Exercises with balls are safe and fun. But most importantly – it is undeniable benefits of exercise with a fitball for the body. What effect can be obtained by working with a gymnastic ball?

– Correct posture. Any exercise with a ball strengthens the muscles of the back without overstraining it. Due to the need to maintain balance in the work included muscle types that are not involved in other types of training. It strengthens the muscular corset around the back.

– Training of the vestibular apparatus – with time the ability to keep the balance automatically develops, coordination of movements improves.

– Improvement of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system by activating the blood supply.

– Strengthen the nervous system. Classes with a fitball lift your spirits, help you relax and relieve stress.

– Development of flexibility and plasticity. During exercises, all muscles are kneaded, joints are unloaded and stretched, and clamps are removed.

– Acceleration of metabolism and fat burning. Comprehensive exercise programs with a fitball contribute to getting rid of excess weight. For women, the benefit of training is the opportunity to get a perfect relief figure, a beautiful abs, firm buttocks, remove fat deposits from the hips.

As a side note. To get the first benefit from the Swiss ball, you just need to sit on it: it already “works” for a beautiful posture! In the Nordic countries many people use it instead of a chair. That’s such an unobtrusive benefit. And if you do a little jump on a fitball, the release of serotonin into the blood – the hormone of happiness – will ensure a good mood.

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