Boxing aerobics: hitting the extra pounds

Already from the name it becomes clear that boxing aerobics, or a-boxing, combines elements of aerobics and boxing, useful for the development of musculature.

What is box-aerobics (a-boxing)?

It’s aerobic training, because you need to watch your breath, and power load, involving many muscle groups. The main movements of box-aerobics are kicking and arm kicks, leg raises with bent knee, steps, squats and lunges. One of the main ideas of box aerobics is not to straighten your arms or legs completely when performing punches.

Exercise technique.

Full straightening is considered excessive stretching, so trainers are taught to leave the arms and legs slightly bent when performing the exercises. This is believed to avoid joint injuries. Boxing aerobics is recommended for people who already have some physical training, if you have just decided to get in shape, it may be worth choosing something simpler to begin with.

This type of exercise is characterized by an increased expenditure of calories, the development of muscles and cardio system – so it’s ideal for weight loss.

How do you do boxing aerobics?

Classes are held to music, a little more advanced training uses equipment: a rope, a punching bag and gloves. You do not have to beat anyone, boxing aerobics as well as Thaibo is a non-contact sport, unlike boxing, you do not need a partner for training. It is not recommended to train barefoot, experts advise to wear athletic shoes, even if you do it at home.

Of clothing suits any sports form in which your movements are not restricted. It is worth choosing a form that fits more closely, so that the trainer can see the position of your body when exercising and can adjust your practice.

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