The Harm of Anabolic Steroids – Part 1

Both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts frequently utilize anabolic steroids. Despite the various risks associated with using these medicines, they continue to gain popularity. If someone chooses to take them without first contacting a doctor, it is very risky.

The Fit World editor team has created a number of resources on the negative impacts and physical dangers of the anabolic steroids.

Our team strongly advises AGAINST the use of anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance. The potent medications need to be taken by prescription only.

Main side effects of steroids

The adverse effects of anabolic steroids vary in intensity. Abusing them can result in severe health issues. The following are some of the most common negative effects:

  • Hair loss can result from anabolic steroid use in both men and women. Only after these medications are stopped can hair growth resume. The procedure is irreversible for some people.
  • Steroid use over a lengthy period of time can cause infertility.
  • Long-term usage of anabolic supplements alters the liver’s internal structure and reduces its capacity to remove toxins from the body.
  • With the usage of anabolic medicines, tumors develop. This is owing to the fact that some liver cells proliferate and form tumor-like nodules. When steroid use is stopped, not all nodules will naturally dissolve. Those that are still present bring on tumor disorders that are fatal.
  • Experiments on animals have demonstrated that using anabolic steroids causes an increase in the size of the heart. This is because the heart, like all other muscles in the body, is made up of muscles that alter. The numerous sudden fatalities among young sportsmen using anabolics may be explained by this.
  • Steroid use over an extended period of time gradually hardens blood vessel walls, raising the risk of a heart attack.
  • Prostatitis and even cancer can occur as a result of steroid use. If the body has high enough quantities of androgen, this condition advances quickly. With increasing dose and usage time, these side effects are more likely to occur.

Anabolic steroid damage to several bodily systems

Let’s examine the negative effects of anabolic steroids on human organs and systems in more detail presently.


Acne is brought on by steroids. The reason for this effect is that anabolic steroids increase the production of skin oil, which is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. All forms of infections are more likely to emerge in these circumstances.

As a result, the body initiates a defensive response, which, in the case of severe acne, can result in major health problems and hospitalization.


The effect of anabolic medicines on the liver is determined by the type of drug, the dose, and the length of administration. The internal structure of the liver is altered by prolonged anabolic steroid use. Its ability to cleanse the body of pollutants is compromised.

This organ has a peculiarity in that it releases more chemical compounds into the blood when it is damaged or overworked. Medical tests determine the status of the organ by looking for these chemicals. Testing revealed that anabolic users had chemical levels that are 2-3 times greater than average. When anabolic steroid use quits, the release of these substances also ends, and their levels in the blood lowers. However, liver damage that is irreversible is possible.

The liver is not directly harmed by injectable anabolic medicines, in contrast to oral anabolic medications. However, they do open the door for a variety of bacteria and viruses that can inject themselves right into the skin and enter the bloodstream. Medical experts have documented numerous instances of AIDS infections caused by needles used by athletes to inject anabolic steroids at gyms.


Brain tissue has not yet been shown to be clearly damaged. However, some mental illnesses are thought to be brought on by anabolic steroids. These could be the result of abrupt mood fluctuations, feelings of guilt, a desire for violence, and so on.

Anabolic steroids were initially tested as an antidepressant. Their usage causes changes in the brain that are comparable to those amphetamines cause. The impact of testosterone on the brain, however, has never been the subject of agreement among academics.

Immune system

According to scientific studies, using large dosages of anabolic steroids causes the blood’s levels of immune globulins A, G, and M to drop. These are antibodies that target invasive microorganisms while they are moving through the circulation. The danger of developing serious infectious diseases rises as the blood’s level of antibodies declines.

Additionally, anabolic substances can boost the activity of natural immune cells. These white blood cells work to combat specific viruses and bacteria, which aids in preventing the growth of malignancies. However, some immune cells may start attacking their own tissues if their activity is elevated, which can result in autoimmune disorders.

These are a some of the medical issues that steroids might bring about. Keep a watch out for part two of our series on the dangers of anabolic steroids on our website and Facebook page- Fit World.


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