The benefits of doing step aerobics and whether you can lose weight

On the surface everything is very simple – as if the steps on the stairs. But how much grace, beauty and hard work is in these easy movements. Step aerobics immediately won an unprecedented popularity among the female population. It turned out that regular exercise helps to quickly lose weight and give a clear contour of the figure, especially in the legs, buttocks and abdomen. Exercise contributes to strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Very important. Steps on the step helps to reduce the volume of the legs, dry them. As a result, we get a beautiful hip line and a thin, graceful ankle.

What is step aerobics?

Step means “step” in English. Each bunch of steps implies as if moving up the stairs while staying on the same level. Step-aerobics refers to the cardio exercises, conducted at a fast pace and to rhythmic music.

The basis of all classes – the basic steps, combined into bundles of varying complexity. It is noteworthy that the minimum number of steps in one exercise is four. Training begins with an easy warm-up, then the movement becomes more difficult, the pace increases.

To perform the exercises, a step platform with a non-slip top is placed in front of each participant. Increasing the height of the platform leads to greater complexity of movement and greater energy expenditure.

Classes are collective in nature, usually recruited a group according to the degree of preparedness of those involved. It should be noted that the team to do much more interesting and emotional.

Training lasts for 45-60 minutes without stopping. Exercises are performed in increasing complexity, changing from time to time the transition to a step or lighter movements. Untrained person at first it can be very difficult, but over time the movements are honed and made automatically.

Important. The main load falls on the leg, buttocks and abdominal muscles. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the inner thigh muscles are involved.

Walking on a platform refers to training with a gentle load. Strange as it may seem, but it is this kind of movement that helps to develop the knee and ankle joints. There are no percussive movements and pronounced jumps that can quickly lead to damage to muscle ligaments, bones, and joints.


The benefits of step aerobics

Step aerobics, as well as other types of cardio exercises, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. By increasing the heart rate, blood is enriched with oxygen, hemoglobin levels increase and tissue nutrition improves.

What is good about step aerobics is that with its help, you can restore the knee joint after injuries. A large number of bending movements promotes the formation of joint fluid, the joints themselves gradually become more mobile and elastic.

But most of all women like step aerobics because it gives an opportunity to correct the figure, especially its lower part. Increasing muscle tone leads to the burning of subcutaneous fat, muscles become more elastic, the skin due to increased metabolism tightens.

Rhythmic step on and off the platform plus simultaneous arm movements also help increase coordination. Well, and for those who still prefer a greater degree of force, came up with the step-trainer.

It is important for many people. Cellulite disappears with a decrease in volume, and step aerobics leads to a decrease in volume.

So, the main advantages of step aerobics are

– high efficiency of training – for one class you can burn from 300 to 500 kcal (for comparison – a full meal consisting of a salad, the first, the second and “bun”);

– safety for the joints – in contrast to running and jumping rope and with the same results of weight loss step aerobics takes care of the joints by providing a gentle load;

– A great opportunity to lose the volume of the lower part of the body, the most problematic for most women;

– The prevention of cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis – by increasing metabolism;

– increasing endurance, which is especially important for climbing floors, mountains, and long walks;

– maintaining a normal weight – helps avoid problems associated with weight loss;

– increasing bone density – weight-bearing exercises help preserve bone tissue.

Interesting. The founder of step aerobics was Jean Miller, who worked out her joints after an injury by stepping on a box on the advice of an orthopedist. Thus appeared a new trend in fitness, which immediately became popular all over the world.


Is it possible to lose weight doing step aerobics?

The main condition for getting rid of excess weight is to spend more calories than you consume. Regular physical activity helps to use up the energy stored in fat cells. At the same time, the metabolism increases, improving the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which again contributes to a fast and stable burning of fat.

Step aerobics is recognized by experts as one of the best methods for losing weight. With the right diet and good intensity of movement the body begins to consume fat after about 15 minutes of training.

Already after a few exercises, the result becomes visible – the body becomes more bunched, dense. Lines of the figure become clear, legs and hips lose volume. Weight is gone, respectively it becomes easier to breathe, move and live in general.

How many calories does step aerobics burn?

The number of calories burned during the workout depends on the duration of the class and the weight of the person.

Weight 15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes

50 kg 100 kcal 120 kcal 140 kcal 160 kcal

80 kg 140 kcal 160 kcal 180 kcal 200 kcal

These calculations are for moderate-intensity training. While exercising by more “advanced” methods, including dancing and complicating elements, weighting, the result can reach for women about 300 kcal, for men about 500 kcal.

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