The 8 best ways to quickly cope with anxiety and overcome fear

There are effective ways to quickly manage anxiety and stop worrying. Take for yourself.

  1. Breathe deeply. You can use the simplest version of breathing relaxation: breathe in deeply with your nose (counting to five) and make an even deeper exhalation with your mouth (counting to six). It is important that the exhalation takes longer than the inhalation. Repeat 9-10 times, mentally imagining the air entering and leaving your lungs.
  2. Wash your face with ice water. High levels of excitement contribute to loss of control. Simply washing your face and hands will help to correct the situation, shifting the focus from the exciting object, event, or phenomenon to the sensation of cold.
  3. Clench your fists. Any motor activity will help calm you down. Not every anxious person has the opportunity to run around the house, but you can clench your fists tightly even during a public speaking engagement. When clenching your fingers, take a deep breath, and in the final exhalation gradually unclench your hands.
  4. Don’t pay attention to your inner voice. Often the excitement comes from the fact that you are elementary winded. In your head you have already replayed the situation and came up with a disappointing scenario of its outcome. Gather all your will and mute the internal dialogue. Write on paper why you are worried, and think about whether these reasons are really worth your worries.
  5. Panic. Yes, yes, allow yourself to panic, admit to yourself that you are up to your ears and worry a lot. Such a confession will disarm the panic.
  6. Distract yourself from your anxious thoughts. Try to focus your attention on another object. Take your time, look at it carefully, determine the color/shape/composition/size, think about what it might be like inside.
  7. Let the tears flow. Worry is often a mental reaction to systematic suppression of emotions. Allowing yourself to cry from time to time is an opportunity for the body to unload, to release tension.
  8. Don’t put off excitement for later. You will still have to perform the necessary actions sooner or later: go to the dentist or talk to your boss. Postpone things – it means to be constantly in a state of excitement. It is better to quickly resolve the problem and pass the peak of discomfort, before the anxiety turned into a chronic disorder.

Choose the way that suits you, and be calm!

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