Tai Bo: the universal workout for strength and weight loss

Tai Bo once conquered millions of fitness clubs around the world. Among the first fanatics of tai bo classes can be distinguished Pamela Anderson, who immediately appreciated the effectiveness of the training, signing up to be a client of the founder of the program. Combat aerobics provided at one time and fat burning and muscle tone, which quickly put the training on a pedestal in the nineties. Until now, tai bo is the best aerobic workout for weight loss and those who want to “blow off steam” and get in great shape.


Tai Bo in fitness – what is it?

Tai Bo (tae bo) – a kind of aerobics, which is based on the combat elements of Thai boxing, taekwondo, boxing, karate, combined with basic aerobic steps collected in a bunch. As in classical aerobics, tai Bo is taught from simple elements to more complex, which during the class are collected into a bunch of movements, performed to rhythmic music.

Class tai Bo is divided into the main parts: the warm-up, aerobic part, the power part and the warm-up.

  1. The warm-up is a mandatory part, which includes both basic aerobic steps and stretching exercises.
  2. In the main part of Tai Bo aerobics you learn the elements that are gradually combined into a whole block and repeated continuously at an intensive pace. At this stage there is a process of fat burning, as the load at this point is aerobic.
  3. The power part of tai bo uses additional equipment: bodybars, dumbbells, balls or own body weight. This block is used for working on individual muscle groups. The power part is given from 10 to 15 minutes. During this part exercises are performed many times with a rest between each new variant.
  4. At the end of the session 5-7 minutes are dedicated to muscle stretching and breathing normalization.


History of tae bo origin

The method of tae bo in the late eighties was developed by Billy Blanks, a seven-time champion of martial arts. As is usually the case with the creators of the best fitness techniques, Billy was weak as a child, or rather, was born with an anomaly in the hip joint. The boy began his athletic career only at the age of eleven, but quickly caught up with his peers and won many awards, among them: five black belts in various martial arts, winning seven world karate championships. In the eighties, Blanks worked in Hollywood as an actor as well as a fight director. In 1989 he opened his own sports center, where he taught his new development, tai bo. Soon the number of fans spread beyond America thanks to Blanks’ video workouts, and his brainchild was adopted by most fitness clubs around the world.

Benefits and harms of tai bo for women and men

Thanks to Blanks, even the weaker sex was able to benefit from the martial elements, which are quite intense and quickly whip muscles into shape and burn fatty tissue. Moreover, no additional equipment is required – only your own muscles working intensely, as if fighting a represented opponent.

The main advantages and benefits of tai bo

– Gives the opportunity to train at home because it does not require any special equipment, at least the aerobic part with combat elements.

– Increases the endurance of the body.

– Training is interesting and effective, it is much more fun to master the fighting strokes with energetic music than to do on the cardio machines.

– Training on average burns about 700-900 kcal, which is high for aerobic exercise.

– The workout strengthens the cardiovascular system of a healthy person.

– Brings all the muscles of the body into tone.

– Increases muscle flexibility and improves coordination.

– When exercising there is an emotional release, on par with punching a punching bag.

Disadvantages of tai bo

There are not many and they are not significant, with the exception of contraindications to such a load. Exercise does not contribute to an increase in muscle volume, because the work is performed only with the help of their own weight. Therefore, strength equipment is additionally used to compensate for this drawback and work out individual muscle groups. Accordingly, to tone the entire body at home it is necessary to buy at least a pair of dumbbells.

Contraindications to tai bo

– Not recommended for various diseases, dysfunctions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, impaired movement coordination.

– Chronic and inflammatory diseases.

– Acute respiratory viral infection.

– Any disease of the cardiovascular system.

– Pregnancy.

– Obesity.


The main elements of tai bo training

After the warm-up in tai bo comes the main – aerobic part, which uses the following elements:

  1. Straight strokes with the right and left hand.
  2. Direct kicks with the right and left leg.
  3. Right and left hook – punch from the side or “hook”.
  4. Right and left uppercut – blow from below.
  5. Backward right and left kicks.
  6. Kicks with right and left foot to the side.
  7. Kicks with right and left knees.


What is needed to practice tai bo

Tai Bo, like any moving system of training, requires freedom of movement and good grip on the floor.

Clothing for tai bo should be loose, allowing freedom of all joints when you perform the fighting elements, especially feet. Also the material of clothing should not contribute to unnecessary overheating of the body, so choose sports clothes made of artificial materials that are able to breathe and wick away moisture.

Sneakers can also be chosen for running, the main thing is that the surface of the platform should not slip and be stable.

If you want to additionally work all the muscle groups that are not sufficiently loaded in the aerobic part, you can buy dumbbells or cuffs for arms and legs to perform strength exercises with additional weight. Also for home you can use water bottles, expanders, elastic bands and other improvised means, and you can also make a plan of exercises with your own weight, then you do not have to spend extra money.


Tai Bo is a really interesting and intense workout, which will not let the fat on the body for a long time. The workout is great for toning the muscles, as well as developing their flexibility and endurance of the body as a whole. And most importantly, tai Bo can easily be practiced at home without additional equipment and special simulators. If you are interested in group exercise, be sure to consult with a trainer before training, taking into account your health and fitness at this stage, he will determine the intensity of the lesson to properly select the necessary load.

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