Summer skin care: the secret of a perfect tan

Never more so than in summer, our skin needs special care. The bright sun, heat and sea salt dry out the skin, destroys its structure and promotes the formation of wrinkles. Good moisturizing is what your skin needs so that it won’t lose its beauty and can radically multiply it.


Summer is inextricably linked with tanning. It is not enough to just lie out under the blazing sun and wait to turn into a bronzed beauty. To tan evenly, you must prepare the skin for it, and you can do this with peeling. You don’t need to buy expensive creams; you can get the necessary ingredients for this purpose at home. You will need only four products:

– 1 tbsp. coarse salt;

– 2 tbsp. ground coffee;

– 1 grated carrot;

– 1 tbsp of honey.

The salt will exfoliate the dead cells, the coffee will increase blood circulation, it will prevent cellulite, the carrots will give the skin a nice shade and provide it with vitamin A, and the honey will not only bind the components, but also become a source of nutrients. Before and after peeling you should take a warm shower, repeat the procedure every 10-14 days. Immediately after the peeling the skin becomes very susceptible to the sun’s rays, so do not do it in the daytime before leaving home, it is better to postpone until the evening.

Sun protection

Sun protection means should be in every home. The brighter and more delicate the skin, the higher the sun protection factor should be. No matter what product you take to prevent burns: lotion, milk, cream or spray, you can not forget about the sufficient dosage. There is a rule of thumb that an adult needs at least 25 ml for the entire body. It should be remembered that the protruding parts of the body (nose, ears, shoulders, etc.) collect more sunlight than the rest. You should apply sun protection at least 30 minutes before leaving the house. You should also remember that in a certain period of time the protective properties weaken considerably, and water and wind shorten the time of their action.

After tanning

Sunburned skin requires special care. There are special products based on allantonin, aloe vera or panthenol which will not only soothe the highly stressed cells of the epidermis, but will also help to cool the body. These products are called “After Sunburn. Some of these products contain a golden sheen which beautifully tones the appearance of your bronze tan.

General advice

In summertime your skin should not only be moisturized from the outside but also from the inside, that’s why it’s so important to drink at least two liters of water a day. The food should be light, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. And what should be avoided is heavy makeup. You do not want to put your skin under even more stress by sealing its pores. It is also necessary to remember that retinol, contained in some products for the prevention of wrinkles, reduces protection from sunlight, the risk of burning significantly increases, go out with a face with such a cream on the street is not worth it. It is a good idea to choose a different cream for summer, as long as you carefully study its composition. Summer is indeed a wonderful time. Everyone can become a queen, you just need to help yourself and your skin.

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