How to get rid of loneliness?

There are so many people around, but no one to talk to. The holidays are depressing. Why does this happen and how to get rid of loneliness?

American scientists said: loneliness – a virus that can catch just like, say, the flu. They studied the mental state of 5100 people for 10 years and found that loneliness can indeed be contagious! All it takes for one person to feel abandoned is for that feeling to spread to people in their circle.

If you regularly socialize with a lonely person, your chances of becoming lonely increase by 50 percent, too,

Is it really true?

In fact, to “catch” loneliness, a person must have a lowered immunity, “catch” it can only depressed and tired person.

So what to do if you already feel abandoned?

  1. Understand why you lack energy.

At the root of the problem is stress. In this state you are like a taut string. There is no energy, no time, no desire to communicate. This is a vicious circle: a person needs social connections, recharge from others. You must try to understand what is eating you up, and get rid of the “tormentor”. This is the first step on the way to getting rid of loneliness.

  1. Turn off the phone.

We have literally become addicted to the phones. And if you subconsciously all the time in touch with the world, the psyche is not resting. Be sure to turn off your cell phone at night. This is the only way you will let your psyche relax and rest. It’s the same with vacations: go somewhere where you won’t sit with your nose in the screen all the time. Then there won’t be an inexplicable desire to be alone.

  1. Stop posting photos.

Have you ever wondered why all the time you go to social networks, leaving there posts and photos? The mechanism is simple: you want to be noticed and praised. It’s like shouting: “I’m here, pay attention to me!” Obviously, the person lacks communication, support, perhaps he has low self-esteem. But social media is another reality. There is only the appearance of communication with a minimum of emotional return. If a person constantly posts photos on social networks, it’s already an addiction and a reason to consult an expert.

  1. To cuddle

According to psychologists, a person feels comfortable if he is surrounded by 2 – 3 really close people. With whom you can share any problem and get support. And it’s also good to cuddle with people close to you. There is even a specific recommended number of hugs – eight times a day. But, of course, hugs should be by mutual consent, and only with those closest to you.

  1. Sports and physical activity

Combat the feeling of loneliness help and physical activity, walk more, even in winter. Swimming in the pool also helps. You will feel a pleasant fatigue – and no pangs of loneliness.

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