Depression after a vacation

Reason 1: Excessive expectations

For example: I wanted to go to Spain, but I only have enough money for Gelendzhik or Anapa. And that’s not it at all…

– What should you do to make sure you enjoy your vacation? Write down your strengths and weaknesses on paper. Two columns. In the left so honestly and write, for example: “I have little money.” You think about that phrase. Put the amount you can allocate for vacation. And you admit: 1) I will have to start from this amount, and 2) the pleasure of the vacation is not very dependent on money. Many go on a budget, even with tents, and remain satisfied. All inside us: what mood a person brought to vacation, with that time there and will spend.

– And if the weather is bad? It does not depend on the person.


– We must agree with ourselves once and for all: if we cannot influence some things (weather, natural phenomena), we should stop reflecting on this occasion. Is it raining? Go to the pool. No pool nearby? Look out the window and realize: it won’t rain forever (unless, of course, you’ve foolishly chosen a trip to Thailand during the rainy season). You should be thankful already for the fact that you’re breathing on vacation is not the same air that you have in the gassy city. You should eventually get into the habit of being grateful for everything.

Reason 2: Never found love

For some, a vacation is the goal to find a companion, and he/she still isn’t found.

– In fact, you don’t have to give yourself any vacation settings, you don’t have to wait for the fateful rendezvous. Let it be as it will be. The more so, looking for women is a rather unpleasant sight – with an appraising glance, as Gosha said from the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.

Reason 3: The interests do not match.

For example, a woman decides: “I will do everything in a way that will be more interesting not for me, but for my children, my husband…”. In a camping near Astrakhan, the author ran into a family that has been going there from Chelyabinsk for 13 years only! The husband is fishing, but the daughter and her wife just don’t know what to do…

– Here one of two things: either relax and enjoy it, or protest. First, the wife can try to love this fishing, herself fascinated, by the way, it really is an exciting thing. I had a case where my wife got so involved in fishing that her husband can no longer drag her away. If you do something for a loved one, do it gladly and willingly. No one needs sacrifices. Daddy’s going fishing? Good! My daughter and I are going to a resort. No money for a resort? Let’s calculate how much it costs for me and my daughter if we go with you near Astrakhan, and try to keep within the same amount by going somewhere else.

Reason 4: The contrast between vacation and work routine

It’s bad enough if a person goes back to a job he or she doesn’t love, because people miss their favorite job even on vacation, even though it’s the most vivid of emotions.

– Well, if you don’t like your job, you have to find something that you are personally passionate about. For example, a hobby: you’ll look forward to finally going to the dance on Wednesday or doing floristry on Thursday. Then there won’t be that contrast between a vacation where you’ve been doing something and a routine.

– There is this common advice: to avoid post-holiday depression, you have to go back a few days before work…

– It has a rational basis, but not for everyone. Some people, on the contrary, it is easier to go straight from the ship to the ball.

Reason 5: No money left at all.

For example: He wanted to buy his wife some good perfume for her birthday, but then he realizes that he has spent more than he was going to.

– Let a man sulk about it, no big deal! It’s an objective thing: when there is no money, it makes you sad. It is possible to advise to distribute the budget, but not everyone, alas, can learn to do it. You have to accept that there is no money now, but there will be some later. You can look at pictures from vacations and see how beautiful it was here, it means that the money was not spent in vain. Although… there is a risk that someone will look at the pictures and think, “Well, why did I squander my money on this? Some people just like to fret and be unhappy with everything. It’s their way of being. They have such an empty time that they fill it with negativity, otherwise they don’t know what else to ta

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