Massage with stones: types, recommendations, technique

Stone massage – a modern, quite popular procedure, which is offered by various salons. Its second name is stone therapy. The main purpose of this massage is relaxation and recharging positive emotions.


Stone massage is a kind of healing procedure. Its essence is to influence the active points of the body and face with the help of natural materials. As a result there is a deep relaxation, activates the natural processes of the body. Stone massage is a pleasant way to awaken your physical and emotional resources.

Not all stones are suitable for massage. Materials must have certain properties: shape, size, surface structure and color. Natural stones are believed to have an energy memory, so they are able to remove negativity and add strength to the body.

Purification of important energy centers contributes to finding inner harmony.

Types of massage with stones

According to the technique of stone massage it is divided into:

– hot – with the use of heated materials;

– Contrast massage with the use of hot and cold stones;

– Massage with precious stones, when a specialist in the procedure selects special minerals and techniques depending on the specific client.

According to the purpose of the massage, it can be divided into 4 groups:

– classical;

– modeling;

– energetic;

– aromatic.

What stones are used for massage

Volcanic basalt is used in a classic hot massage. This material has a round, smooth shape and porous structure. Due to these properties, basalts cool down slowly and give the heat to the body for a long time. Due to the fact that such stones are formed after volcanic eruption, they concentrate a lot of energy of all five elements.

Also, basalts are saturated with important elements, such as magnesium and iron, so they help you enter a state of tranquility.

Another material that is used in stone therapy is jade. It is an excellent conductor of heat and is often used for healing purposes. Jade massage is an aid to the entire immune system as well as a source of rejuvenation and positive emotions.

Pebbles, diamond, rock crystal, turquoise, lapis lazuli, pearls, aventurine, hematite and sea pebbles can also be used in massage.


Stone therapy using volcanic basalt will be useful for people with painful joints and suffering from back pain. Massage with these stones eliminates insomnia and helps cope with chronic fatigue. Migraines and depression can be treated with massage stones. This procedure activates blood circulation, reduces cellulite, and reduces excess weight. Facial massage with volcanic basalt promotes a rejuvenating effect and cleanses pores.

Jade massage is prescribed for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, to purify the blood and kidneys, to improve the function of the bladder, liver and stomach, and other organs and systems. Massage with jade stones has a positive effect on the immune system and rejuvenates the skin.

Stone therapy will be useful for patients with spine diseases, slowed lymph outflow, vegetovascular dystonia, weakened immunity, and reduced tone.

Stone therapy also comes to the aid of those suffering from emotional instability.

Classical stone massage helps bring a person out of a stressful state, get rid of visceral fat, and normalize appetite and sleep. It promotes emotional comfort, gets rid of black thoughts and helps complete relaxation.

Basic Stone Massage Technique

A massage does not begin without creating a disposing atmosphere. Relaxing music, dim light, and a calm environment are all attributes of stone therapy. The stones are disinfected and then heated or cooled. During hot massage materials are used at a temperature no hotter than 55 degrees, and during cold massage – up to 0 degrees. Contrast massage improves metabolism, narrows and dilates blood vessels, eliminates venous congestion, and increases muscle tone.

Before the procedure the body is warmed up with olive, sesame or other oil. Then the masseur puts stones on your back, legs and arms. All materials are placed on the biologically active points. To stimulate them the expert in stone therapy presses, rubs and strokes in certain areas of the body, moving from the feet upwards. It is also possible to massage the abdomen, chest, neck and face. The whole procedure lasts for 1-2 hours. At the end of it one must lie down and rest.

Facial massage with stones yourself

Stone massage can be done at home. Sandalwood, rosemary, rose or lavender oil should be applied to cleaned skin. Make sure the stones are not scalding hot – place them on the back of your hand. Massage your face with the stones along the massage lines for several minutes. Then place one stone each on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Then lie like this for 10 minutes.


Despite the great benefits for the body, stone therapy has contraindications. This procedure should not be performed with acute infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, cancer, inflammatory processes of internal organs and serious mental illness. Although massage with stones helps with diseases of the spine, the procedure is contraindicated if it is damaged. It should also not be done by sufferers of thrombosis, diabetes, bronchial asthma in the period of exacerbation and a serious form of acne.

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