Ki-bo – a type of aerobics for developing coordination and breathing

If you’re looking for breathing exercises, to strengthen your coordination system, then Ki-Bo aerobics is excellent. This type of aerobics, which includes taekwondo, karate and kickboxing. To be engaged in Ki-Bo, you do not need to have special knowledge, do not need any special physical training, just have the desire to learn how to move properly and breathe evenly.


Ki-Bo workouts do not involve heavy loads – it’s more of a breathing exercise, similar to Pilates. This includes some lessons from dance gymnastics, as well as some elements of martial arts. Training martial aerobics can develop strength and endurance, as well as flexibility in movement, to get rid of excess weight, to improve health. With the help of oriental skills you can master the art of self-defense, reduce the risk of colds.

Ki-Bo aerobics differs from some other martial arts by the technique of body movements. It is configured to develop the ability to own your body and spirit. Attending classes in Ki-bo you can get a tremendous boost of energy, learn self-defense skills, which you might someday have to apply in difficult situations.


No restrictions for Ki-Bo aerobics classes

There are no age restrictions for practicing aerobics. In fact, as well as for the practice of yoga. Due to the fact that the movements are not sharp, not intense, the elderly can also learn how to breathe properly, and stand up for themselves. Thanks to the classes you can learn to feel your muscles, and if you exercise steadily, you can say goodbye to extra pounds. For the elderly such aerobics helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and after a few months you can feel that the muscles are stronger. Before you start training, you should consult with a specialist. He will help you choose the best workout and advise you on how to train properly.

The recommended frequency of attendance is two to three times a week. The main movements of aerobics are hand and foot swings. At first, beginners work out the individual elements of the exercises, and gradually these exercises are added to a unified system of movements. Ki-Bo aerobics can be done in the gym, as well as at home. But it is recommended first to go to class in the gym, and then when a person will be able to practice the movements themselves, when they learn how to do certain exercises, you can move back home.


How to train Ki-Bo – the three main stages

Training takes place in three stages: the warm-up, the main part of the class, stretching. Before you start the workout, you must do the warm-up exercises. After all, as you know, exercises on the warm-up prepares the body for further movements, loads.

When the warm-up is done, you can move on to the main part of the workout. The main part involves energetic sweeps of the arms and legs, learn to put blocks on the legs, while breathing properly and monitor the coordination. In class trainer teaches how to breathe correctly, which effective exercises contribute to weight loss, because not without reason they say that the aerobic Ki Bo is the most effective way to breathe and get rid of excess weight. It is known that in an hour of training, you can burn up to one thousand calories.

The final stage of aerobics stretching or stretching. It is a muscle stretching exercises, which are useful for people of any age and in any physical fitness. Performing stretching exercises helps to bring the muscles back to normal, increases the elasticity of the joints, pumps up the strength. Stretching is known to complete the training phase. In many types of training it is the final stage, it relaxes the whole body, makes the body use its strength properly. Once you have mastered a few exercises, you can easily use them at home after a hard day’s work or even during long journeys.

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