How to learn street dance

It’s never too late to learn. Street dancing attracts both adults and especially children. Girls and boys, boys and girls, women and men get into the spirit of the modern genre and are looking for ways to acquire his skills.

What options are possible?

Tip. It is necessary to understand what the ultimate goal of training: a hobby dance or a professional occupation. From this depends on the choice of method of training.

You can look for a professional school of hip-hop. This is the coolest and most promising option. Such institutions teach a special training program and perfectly pumped skills. But not every city has such an opportunity.

Then you can go to a dance studio. In many training centers there is necessarily a direction street dance. Here, too, people are more likely to learn technique, movement and even acting.

The next way is a personal mentor. Close contact with a person who owns a popular art gives not only training. He provides tutelage, deeply immerses in the history and atmosphere of the style and makes you competitive in the dance environment.

Another option is team training. Professional dancers often hold master classes and open training. This method helps to identify newcomers with potential. Those who show promise, are invited to the team and taught.

Online lessons

A very convenient and accessible method for everyone.

On many hosting sites, social networks, websites and even apps today there are offers with training videos. They are provided by professional and experienced dancers. Many of them also have a program broken down into lessons. Online classes are filmed in detail and clearly.

The popularity of this type of training is constantly growing.

Tip. In order to understand what style to start learning, you need to try yourself in several. This will give an opportunity to understand what to your liking and what is more successful.

Teaching children street dance

It is safe to say that the style has become a children’s movement. A child of 7 years old, if he/she wants to be trained in street dance.

If there is an ability and a need for this art, children get:

– fun;

– a developed physical form;

– a sense of rhythm;

– a clear coordination of movements;

– the ability to improvise;

– a strengthened circulatory and respiratory system;

– ability to express themselves.

Children love to be fashionable, and the passion for the street genre gives them a chance to express themselves to the fullest. Clothing for activities and performances should be comfortable in the first place. That’s where sports style comes in handy. In addition to comfort is also bright things with decorative elements that attract attention. Young dancers like it very much.

Comfort also applies to shoes. A large amount of movement falls on his feet, and they should not suffer and be exposed to injury. Of course, the shoes must match the clothes.

To discover for yourself the world of street dance is possible. To enter it and become its inhabitant too. The main thing is to love it and trust it.

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