Fitboxing – aerobic exercise and non-contact combat elements in one workout

Group workout fitboxing is gaining popularity and crowds of visitors gather in large fitness centers. Fitboxing is loved not only by women but also by men who want to keep fit without getting into a fight with an opponent. And unlike simply boxing with a punching bag, fitbo is much more interesting, because it is performed to energetic music and in great company.


Fitness boxing – what kind of fitness

Fitness boxing is a group aerobic workout, which involves performing kicks and punches on a special punching bag, and does not involve contact fights. Such equipment is lighter and softer compared to the punching bag, does not allow you to injure your knuckles and bruises. Such training is conducted in a fitness format, namely with the help of a qualified instructor who sets exercises one after another in a non-stop mode at a certain pace.

The main elements of the fitness trend are borrowed from boxing and kickboxing, hence the punches and kicks. Elements are performed alternately on each side of a certain number of reps to the tempo of the music.

As in any direction of fitness, workout begins with a classic aerobic warm-up, also has the main part – punches on the pear, the power part, consisting of exercises that develop specific muscle groups, and a warm-up – stretching.

Exercises on a fitbox are carried out for 50-60 minutes. It is desirable to train no more than three times a week, otherwise you risk overtraining and increase the risk of injury. In addition, to get positive results from the classes the body needs time to recover, because not only the skeletal muscles are overloaded, but also the cardiac muscles.

Due to the fact that the direction is aerobic and high-intensity, designed primarily to strengthen the heart and lose weight by increasing the heart rate, strength and recoil in striking are not needed, as there is a risk of injury. During training, the main thing is to keep a given pace and not to straighten your arms and legs at the joints completely, that is, your elbows and knees should not be fully straightened at impact.

Fitbo elements are understandable and available for women and men of any age and fitness level, the main thing is to take into account contraindications. Trainer shows and explains the correct technique of the blow, so the chance of injury is reduced. In contrast to classical and step aerobics, the elements of fitboxing are not combined into ligaments and have nothing to do with choreography in the style of fitness trends. Therefore, you don’t have to stand still and think about executing the movements.

Also, the elements of fit-bo are often used in individual sessions with a trainer, in which punches are performed instead of the pear on special “paws”.

But you should not confuse fit-boxing with such directions as tai-bo, ki-bo, box aerobics, because these classes are performed without special equipment, and the movements are performed as a bunch, and separately, and only at the expense of the amplitude and speed of blows, as in shadow combat, but without a punching bag.

Benefits and harms of fit-bo


– You can lose 700 to 1,000 kcal in one hour of exercise, since the workout is high-intensity and provides a high heart rate, it is one of the best fitness trends for weight loss.

– Strengthens major muscle groups not only through kicks, but also through strength exercises.

– It relieves stress through the well-known technique of getting rid of stress – punching pears. Although the positive atmosphere of the class also has an impact on improving your mood.

– Fitbox is suitable for both girls and men.

– In training there is no contact wrestling, that is, trainees are not boxing with each other.

– Training improves flexibility and mobility of the joints, improves overall endurance and well-being.

– It strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


– There is a risk of injury and deformity of bones and joints during impact.

– Increases the heart rate to a high level, so with diseases of the cardiovascular system, this type of fitness is contraindicated.


All high-intensity exercise, including fitboxing, is prohibited in cardiovascular disease, hypertension, joint problems, hernias, protrusion, osteochondrosis, spinal misalignment. It is not recommended to train after recent surgeries and injuries. Of course, pregnant women this trend is also categorically contraindicated.


The fitness box complex and the basic elements

The basic elements are punches taken from boxing:

– Jab – straight punch.

– Cross – punch with the far hand.

– Hook – side kick with bent arm.

– Uppercut – punch from below.

Elements of kickboxing – kicks:

– Back-kick – back-kick.

– Jumping kick – kick in the jump.

– Crescent kick – reverse side kick.

– Side kick – side kick.

– Front kick – straight kick.

What you need for the class.

With regard to clothing and footwear – here everything is banal, as well as in any group activities need comfortable sports clothes – T-shirt, shorts or pants that do not restrict movement, and ordinary sneakers.

But the main attribute will still be gloves, but not boxing gloves, but gloves for fitness or strength training. Such models are made without fingers. Also, the gloves can be replaced by boxing bandages, which will protect and fix the joints of the wrist.


The purpose of such workouts is to develop endurance and weight loss, as well as strengthening the muscles and improving overall health and mood. But first, you should not expect that with such exercises will appear self-defense skills, because the direction does not imply practicing the technique and strength of blows. Secondly, do not expect, or, conversely, do not be afraid that the muscles of such classes will greatly develop in volume, like the form of professional boxers. This will not happen, endurance exercises allow reducing volumes by reducing fat tissue, but increase muscles in aerobic mode fitness boxing can not. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to the mundane group exercise classes, as well as a way of emotional discharge.

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