Benefits of yoga classes for the body

Yoga is considered one of the most unique and effective systems of healing the body. It combines a complex of physical exercises, breathing techniques and concentration. Regular practice changes lives for the better and leads to amazing health results. Let’s find out what benefits yoga brings to women and men, if children and pregnant women can practice, and for whom the practice can be contraindicated.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is not just a set of exercises that improve your health. This is a special way of life that allows you to achieve harmony in your physical and psychological state, to find new potential and hidden capabilities of the body. The essence of yoga is not just physical training, it is aimed at working with the human mind and includes methods of spiritual development and self-improvement.

The aim of ancient Indian practice is to achieve harmony with oneself and experience the joy of total health: physical and spiritual.

Scientific research confirms the therapeutic effect of yoga. Scientific studies proved that regular practice of yoga normalizes physiological processes in the body and positively influences all organs and systems.

  1. Improve posture and condition of the spinal column. Eliminates deformities of the spine and pinched nerve endings and eliminates pain in the back and neck. Correction of posture contributes to the volume of lungs, improvement of blood circulation of internal organs.
  2. Normalization of hormonal background. The performance of asanas improves the functioning of the pancreas and thyroid gland, eliminates disorders in the sexual sphere, improves the sexual health of men and women.
  3. Reduce weight and improve the figure. Exercises strengthen the muscular corset of the whole body, speed up metabolism, improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract. The combined effect of asanas on the body leads to weight loss.
  4. They develop flexibility, plasticity. Increases elasticity of ligaments and tendons, removes muscle tension.
  5. Normalize the cardiovascular system. Deep breathing provides an additional flow of oxygen to internal organs, stabilizes heart rate, increases blood circulation.
  6. Increase immunity. Muscle contraction and stretching stimulates the movement of lymph in the body, which makes it easier to cope with infections and prevents the formation of cancer cells.

The health benefits of yoga for the body don’t stop there. In contrast to fitness training designed to improve the body and strengthen health, the practice helps to find a mental balance.

Yoga is often used to treat patients with mental disorders, deep depression and insomnia. Asanas and meditation help you relax, believe in yourself, get rid of feelings of anxiety, fear, anger.


Benefits of yoga for women

Women’s yoga helps to adjust the endocrine system, and the health, well-being and emotional state of the fairer half of humanity largely depends on its proper functioning.

The practice of yoga gives the following beneficial effects on the body of girls and women:

– normalizes the monthly cycle;

– alleviates premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms;

– Relieves migraine (decreases pain sensations and the frequency of attacks);

– Slows down the aging process;

– increases libido;

– gets rid of insomnia and nightmares;

– Reduces menstrual pain;

– removes the effects of walking in heels (relieves fatigue from the legs, swelling);

– Helps to reduce weight and keep yourself in good physical shape;

– strengthens the nervous system.

Performing asanas and breathing techniques improves blood circulation and nourishes tissues of all organs. This improves their work, has a positive effect on the skin, joints health, and the general tone of the body.


Benefits of Yoga for Men

Nowadays the vast majority of those who do yoga are girls and women. But it was originally considered an activity for men: achieving unity with God and liberation from material needs was the prerogative of the stronger sex.

Regular practice has a positive effect on men’s health. Many postures (e.g. Padmasana, Baddha Konasana, Janu Shirshasana) stimulate the prostate gland, increase blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which has a positive effect on potency.

Yoga exercises stretch lumbosacral spine, affect hip joints. Nerve endings, on which the male power depends, are often clamped here. Performing asanas gets rid of these blockages, improving your sex life.

The practice stabilizes the hormonal background of the man: the adrenal glands and testicles are stimulated, testosterone production increases.

In addition to increasing potency and improving the quality of sexuality, yoga helps to develop such necessary qualities for men as self-confidence, determination, stress resistance, endurance and self-discipline.

Benefits for pregnant women

Women who practiced before pregnancy, in the early term can continue to perform their usual set of asanas. The only limitations are the poses with sharp changes of body position, risk of falling, inner organ compression (some twists, bends).

From the second trimester, you can not do exercises lying on your stomach. In the third trimester it is recommended to prefer breathing practices and asanas which are performed standing and lying on the side.

Women who are inexperienced in yoga should attend pregnancy groups. You can start practicing from any age, but only after consulting your doctor and instructor, who will select the appropriate exercises in accordance with your health condition.

The benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy:

– reduce the symptoms of toxicosis;

– lower back pain;

– the risk of stretch marks is reduced;

– strengthens pelvic floor and back muscles;

– swelling and heaviness in the legs decrease;

– a positive attitude.

The practice helps prepare the body of the mother-to-be for labor, reducing pain during contractions and easing the postpartum period. Some asanas stimulate lactation.


Benefits for children

Yoga is good because it can be started at any age, with any level of fitness. The practices are just as useful for children as they are for adults, and they usually practice with great pleasure

Yoga helps children:

– form the correct posture and correct existing disorders;

– develop flexibility and coordination;

– learn to control their bodies, different muscle groups;

– take a thoughtful approach to health;

– to strengthen immunity;

– to develop attention and concentration;

– to get rid of constipation and normalize digestion;

– learn self-control and self-control.

Yoga classes differ from other sports and fitness activities in that they do not have a competitive moment. The physical load for a child is serious, but it causes injury and stress.

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