Benefits and Contraindications of Callanetics

Callanetics is a kind of fitness, a special exercise aimed at microcontraction and stretching the deep muscles. The originality of the method lies in the fact that it is a set of static exercises, which should be performed very slowly and smoothly. You do not need any special equipment: you can do it at home and get great results!

The secret of the high efficiency and benefits of Callanetics lies in the fact that during the training work absolutely all muscle groups and receive a uniform load. This contributes to burning fat, reducing weight and body volume, makes your figure firmer, enhances immunity and has a beneficial effect on overall health.

What are the benefits of Callanetics?

Today it is unlikely to meet a woman who would not dream of an ideal figure. And nutritionists around the world are unanimous that proper nutrition in combination with regular exercise and fitness and other sports – the most effective way to prevent and combat excess weight and the symptoms of osteochondrosis. And callanetics will be a great solution for very many people, especially those who are contraindicated to strength training.

The basis of the complex of exercises – there are 29 of them – are classic yoga asanas and long-term static loads, which are interspersed with stretching. It has no power elements, no sudden movements and no jumps, reducing to zero the risk of injury. During the class, all muscles work simultaneously, which eliminates their uneven tension and discomfort. Training is a bit like a class in a ballet studio, only everything is done very slowly. Having taken a certain static pose, you should hold it for 60 to 100 seconds.

Regular callanetics classes bring the following benefits:

– Help you get rid of excess weight and get the desired shape;

– Improve posture, mobility and flexibility of the joints;

– Activate and normalize metabolism – the metabolism of the body;

– strengthen and tone almost all muscle groups;

– help you feel and control your body better;

– strengthen the immune system – improve the immune system;

– Calm and allow you to achieve harmony of body and spirit.

The most important advantage of this method is availability to those who for various reasons do not want to or cannot attend a gym or fitness club. It is suitable for very young girls and older ladies. Engaged can people with excess weight and the presence of chronic diseases. And yet callanetics is much more effective than many other types of fitness – shaping, aerobics and Pilates.

How does it work? The high effectiveness of exercise to correct the figure is achieved due to the fact that during prolonged static stress in the muscles of the metabolism is accelerated significantly, and much more in comparison with a cyclic load. This contributes to the active burning of calories, but does not lead to an increase in muscle mass.

A little history

Callanetics emerged relatively recently – in the 60s of the twentieth century. The creator of “silent gymnastics” is Callan Pinckney. A woman from childhood had serious problems with her joints and back. When the pain became unbearable, doctors recommended that she undergo surgery. But she was unwilling to go to extreme measures and decided to do something on her own to improve her condition.

Callan thought of a system of special exercises that would help get rid of pain. And as she was a ballet dancer, knew her anatomy very well and could manipulate her body very well, the idea was very effective and efficient: the pains in her back and joints disappeared, and her body became flexible and strong again. But it was through persistence, perseverance and constant training that she was able to achieve this stunning result!

Interesting fact: Callan Pinckney wrote 9 books about her method, with the title of the first one being: “10 Years Younger in 10 Hours.” The video lessons of this amazing woman are very popular even today, because they are a vivid confirmation of the effectiveness of this unique gymnastics.


Harms and contraindications of Callanetics

Like any other type of physical activity, static gymnastics also has certain contraindications. It is categorically forbidden to engage in the Callan Pinkney method after undergoing surgery – within a year, and after a cesarean section – 1.5 years.

Partial and temporary restrictions exist in the presence of such problems:

– diseases of the heart, blood vessels, organs of vision;

– The presence of hemorrhoids;

– Traumas and spinal disorders;

– bronchial asthma;

– varicose veins;

– recent infectious diseases.

In any case, you should consult a doctor beforehand. And then, in the presence of partial contraindications, together with an experienced fitness instructor, choose appropriate exercises that exclude the load on certain muscles.

Important: Be sure to consult with your doctor before you start training. Do not forget that you should always follow the measure and technique of exercises. Start gradually with just a few minutes, increasing the load and duration over time!

How many calories does one workout burn?

This is one of the main questions for those who want to lose weight!

The result depends on the intensity and duration of the workout, so only approximate figures can be given:

– at low intensity of exercise (from 3 to 6 on a 10-point scale) – for one hour you burn about 250 calories;

– at high load (from 6 to 10 points) – one hour burns 350 to 390 calories.

It is believed that just one hour of callanetics can replace 24 hours of aerobics, and the energy expenditure during static exercises is seven times greater than during shaping.

This is interesting! Callanetics is often referred to as “uncomfortable posture gymnastics.” And this is absolutely true, because during the exercises you have to freeze in positions that are unnatural for a person in normal life. But it is precisely in these positions that the muscles are best exercised!

Callanetics is the perfect fitness option if you

– would like to reduce your body weight, get rid of fat deposits, correct your figure and posture;

– Do not want to or can not exercise at a high pace or with the lifting of weights – pumping abs, running, exhausting themselves to exhaustion;

– do not have an opportunity to go to the gym due to time constraints or for other reasons;

– want to learn to master your body perfectly and improve your movement coordination;

– Like to perform graceful, leisurely and smooth movements with calm music.


How to do callanetics properly

When performing the set of exercises, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. 1. Do not overexert yourself, doing only what your body is ready for; start with 15 minutes or divide an hour-long workout into three 20-minute workouts.
  2. Remember to rest – if you start to experience severe muscle pain, be sure to stop and rest, then continue.
  3. Try to breathe smoothly, without holding your breath or speeding up your usual rhythm.
  4. Exercise in silence or with soft, calm music, so that you don’t get distracted and lose your rhythm.
  5. Do your exercises in front of a mirror, so it will be easier for you to correctly fix your positions.
  6. Start gymnastics on an empty stomach – at least two hours should pass after eating.
  7. The method will be more effective if combined with a balanced diet and a good night’s sleep.

At the initial stage (2 – 3 months) it is recommended to train 3 times a week for 60 minutes. After achieving certain results, you can exercise twice a week. Then, to maintain the achieved form, an hour of training once every seven days will be enough.

An important point! One of the main advantages of Callanetics – training can be done at home, without going to the gym or fitness club. And this does not require special equipment, expensive gadgets or special sports uniforms.

Basic exercises

A full course of callanetics consists of 29 special exercises. In their performance will involve all the muscles of the body. But the main emphasis is still on the problem areas – abdominal abs, hips and buttocks.

A few popular and effective exercises for body shaping:

To improve posture. Stand upright and put your hands with palms up to shoulder height. Turn your palms out as much as possible and then pull your hands back smoothly. Try to interlock your fingers in a lock, without bending your elbows, and make slow circular movements with your shoulders. Repeat 50 to 100 times.

  1. To “get rid” of the stomach. Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent and apart. Lift your shoulders and head, your feet should also be off the floor at a distance of about 15 cm. Then straighten one leg and direct it perpendicularly upwards, to the ceiling. If you have difficulties you can help with hands. Fix this position for a few seconds. During this time the back and buttocks should be tight to the floor. Repeat this position 10 to 15 times alternating your legs.


  1. For slim legs. Place your straightened leg on the back of the chair and raise your arms up. Slowly bend toward the leg, trying to reach the foot. Alternating legs, repeat 40 to 50 times.


  1. For firmness of the buttocks and thighs. Sit on your left buttock in front of a chair, bend your knee and press your foot to the floor. Right leg stretched back and slightly bent. Place your right hand on your hip and push it forward as if pushing it, while your left hand holds on to the chair. Lift your knee by 5-6 cm and move it smoothly back and forth with an amplitude of a few centimeters. Repeat 100 times, changing the position.


And a few words to conclude. Callanetics – not a panacea for all diseases and not a magic “pill” for weight loss! If you exercise regularly, but still abuse sweets, fat, flour products, and do not give up bad habits, do not hope to get good results!

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