Basic principles of first aid kit arrangement

Alexander Savelov-Deryabin, physiologist, biochemist, founder of Vivaton


Medicines in the first aid kit should be appropriate for the health and age of the traveller.
For chronic illnesses, allergies, or heart problems, be sure to bring along the medications you take regularly. Calculate the number of tablets you need with a reserve in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as flight delays or postponements.

Check the expiry dates of medicines.

Don’t take full packs of medication, leave boxes at home and memorise instructions on your phone beforehand.
Even if you are not leaving the country, you will still need gastrointestinal treatment. The body may react to other foods and water. With food poisoning, sorbents may be helpful. For heartburn and stomach pain, Vivaton gel toothpaste dissolved in water in a 1:2 ratio may help.

  • Joint pain and relief of muscle spasms can be helped by lavender jelly. Enzyme preparations can relieve stomach aches caused by overeating.
    Ibuprofen-based painkillers can help with menstrual pain and toothache.
  • Antihistamines can help with allergic reactions. They should not be ignored even if you have never had an allergy before. Some allergens may meet the body for the first time, so it is impossible to predict a reaction.
  • Loratadine or cetirizine-based medicines may be helpful.
    Vasoconstrictors can help you sleep well at night if you have a runny or stuffy nose.

Sore throat medicines are available as lollipops, crystal sucking tablets and combination sprays.

Additional medicines

  • When travelling with children, seasickness medication is useful. Although nausea and dizziness can surprise and adult person.
  • A cold can really spoil your holiday. A cough is the first symptom of an acute respiratory infection. It is important to take quick action to turn a dry cough into a wet one. Vivaton oral spray can do the trick. The active ingredient liquefies phlegm and helps expel it quickly.
  • The lining of the respiratory tract recovers and the cough gradually subsides.
  • Antiseptics and wound dressings are useful when traveling with children and when camping.
  • Bactericidal plasters can save feet from blisters on long walks.
  • An LCD thermometer in your first aid kit is handy.
  • Don’t take untested medications while on vacation. You should only use medicines after consulting a specialist.
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