What is this procedure?

Oxygen therapy is a universal and effective method of oxygen treatment. It is used for proven hypoxia, fatigue and oxygen deficiency, which is found in most people living in large, polluted cities. Oxygen is required for normal functioning of the cells and tissues of the body. The effectiveness of the method has been proven for a long time. Oxygen therapy is simple – this explains its popularity.

Benefits of oxygen therapy

The main effect of the procedure is the elimination of oxygen deficiency. Other advantages of the method include the following:

– Strengthening the general and local immunity;

– Bringing blood pressure back to normal;

– Normalization of metabolic processes in the body;

– Reducing stress, getting rid of insomnia and combating overeating;

– Facilitation of breathing and eliminating the manifestations of respiratory diseases;

– Normalization of digestive processes;

– Fast healing of wounds.

The safety of the technique allows it to be successfully used in the treatment of small children. In this case, the duration and number of procedures must prescribe a doctor after examination.

Description of procedure

Oxygen therapy does not require special preparation. The patient takes a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, and inhales oxygen in one of many ways. In some cases, it is inhaled through special masks or catheters. In others, oxygen may be administered subcutaneously or intravenously. The physician determines how the oxygen is administered. Under hospital conditions, oxygen therapy is carried out in pressure chambers under the supervision of medical personnel. The session usually lasts 5-15 minutes. A course of up to 15 procedures several times a year is allowed. Such treatment and prophylaxis is recommended for metropolitan population in order to restore vitality and improve immunity. After the procedure it is allowed to lead usual way of life, but it is better to limit heavy physical loads. The method does not require special preparation, which is very convenient for most patients. There is no need to remove clothing, clean the skin or take any posture.

Indications of oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy has indications and contraindications, which the doctor must certainly take into account. The method is prescribed for the following conditions:

– Hypoxia as a result of cardiovascular insufficiency;

– Oxygen deprivation after smoke poisoning;

– General collapse of strength, insomnia, stress, irritability;

– Metabolic disorders;

– Pressure spikes and fluctuations.

Oxygen is also treated and recovered after chemotherapy, under the supervision of a doctor. This method is effective for recovery after fractures and injuries.

Contraindications for oxygen therapy

It is forbidden to treat with oxygen in case of bleeding, especially pulmonary, febrile conditions, in the presence of acute inflammatory processes, malignant tumors or the presence of pulmonary hyperventilation. The method is used with caution in pregnancy and elderly people over 75 years old.

Remember: Always consult your doctor before starting any treatment that affects your body. Do not put your health at risk.

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