Life is movement, so keep going forward!

A nutritious diet is a critical component of sports training and is essential for the health, performance, and efficient recovery of the musculoskeletal system. The diet of physically active people frequently includes nutritional supplements designed for the kind of sport and level of effort. These supplements are typically focused on maintaining healthy muscles, while neglecting […]

Why can’t you be happy every minute?

JULIA SMOLNAYA Psychologist, hypnotherapist, dance therapist. A person’s mood fluctuates constantly. You may be enjoying a sunny day one minute and lamenting the end of summer the next. Every time the child falls off the bike, a chill runs down your spine, followed by a feeling of relief and a “Phew, it’s all right!” You […]

Why does the double chin appear?

ILIANA GONCHAROVA ENT physician, specialized in rhinoplasty and septoplasty, and plastic surgery Some people develop a double chin as a result of fat buildup in the lower jaw area. Both men and women are quite concerned about this defect. Since the chin and neck region is frequently exposed, it is susceptible to outside factors. The […]

What is facial fitness and how does it work?

YULIA CHUPRIKOVA Facial gymnastics instructor for the state project “Moscow Longevity,” body language psychologist, and self-care coach. Everyone is used to working out their abs, buttocks, and back. But did you also know that you can keep your facial muscles strong? How do muscles influence facial aging? In order to portray our emotions through our […]

Why are you so hungry?

Veronica Schultz Fitness instructor, nutritionist, nutrition psychologist, and a lifestyle consultant How often does this happen to you: you feel like you’ve eaten enough for the day, you’re well-versed in healthy eating and lifestyle choices, you understand you’re physically full, but your feet automatically go toward the refrigerator? Despite not feeling hungry, you still desire […]

Standing on nails – a way to improve physical and mental health

Anna Kashka Master of standing on nails with over 8 years experience Founder of the online Transformation School and Course author. Her class, “The Master of Standing on Nails”, has trained over 300 students. Graduates who successfully complete the program go on to become in-demand leaders and manage businesses all around the world.  Owner of a bodywork […]

Autumn is a time off for mothers: how to look after oneself

Julia Gavrilova Yay, school! The kids aren’t home, so you have a few hours to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you use that time for sports, massages, spa treatments, or shopping. We’ve put up a few suggestions for your convenience so that you can unwind completely and take advantage of the free time. Rule 1: Tell […]

Why do we get sick and old?

Tatiana Shirkova Nutritionist. Member of the Association of Nutritionists and Health Coaches. We live our best lives—and look and feel the best—when we are young. But there comes a time when we begin to notice that the ease has vanished, our figure is beginning to smudge, and diseases are beginning to appear. What should we […]