Paraffin therapy: benefits, contraindications, techniques used

Paraffinotherapy – a method of heat therapy, which is actively used in both official medicine and cosmetology. And if in the first case, the procedures are carried out in clinics, sanatoriums and other specialized institutions, in the second – a session can be recorded in any beauty salon or cosmetology office (or at all spend it at home).

Benefits of paraffin therapy and contraindications to the procedure

A course of several sessions allows you to achieve the following results:

– moisturizing and rejuvenation of the skin;

– healing of small (!) injuries;

– elimination of swellings;

– quick “care” of bruises;

– elimination of cellulite;

– smoothing of wrinkles and skin irregularities.

In some cases (such as moisturizing the skin), the effect is already visible after the first treatment. In more serious cases, such as deep wrinkles or “orange peel”, paraffin therapy should be regarded only as one of the methods of complex care.

Postpone the session or refuse the procedure altogether if you have such diseases and conditions:

– Third trimester of pregnancy, lactation;

– Skin injuries (abrasions, scratches, pustules);

– Acute inflammatory processes;

– atherosclerosis;

– Cardiac diseases: ischemia, angina pectoris (higher than II class);

– liver cirrhosis;

– Allergic reaction to paraffin.

Techniques used in cosmetology

Regardless of the type of technique, to achieve the desired effect, one or two procedures are not enough. Usually the course consists of 10-20 sessions of 30-60 minutes (the number depends on the severity of the condition, type of problem and other factors). It is likely that the procedures will need to be repeated: it is usually recommended to do it in 1-2 months.


The most popular technique because of its convenience and the most pleasant sensations for the patient. Minus: it can only be used to care for the hands and feet. The essence: the hands and / or feet 5-7 times immersed in containers of molten paraffin (heated to a temperature of 60-65 ° C). To enhance the effect, the extremities are put on thermal mittens or thermal socks.


Melted paraffin beforehand and brought to necessary temperature is applied on the treated zone with special thick brush. The thickness of application is 1.5-2 cm.

The technique is rather labor-intensive, and the brushes wear out quickly. But this technique is indispensable when working with “uneven surfaces”, in particular with the face.

Napkin-application technique

Two or three layers are applied in total. First, using a brush, one or two layers of 55°C paraffin is applied. Then, the area is covered with gauze soaked in paraffin, which is about 65°C, and then with oilcloth and something warm. This technique is most commonly used when working on the abdomen and thighs.

In medical practice, paraffin therapy with swabs, spraying, cuvette-application technique is also used. In cosmetology, these techniques are not relevant.

What do I need for paraffin therapy?

To carry out the procedure it is necessary to stock up:

– Paraffin (possibly with additives: shea butter, cocoa butter, lime oil);

– paraffin bath with the functions of heating and maintaining the necessary temperature (for the procedure by the method of immersion)

– thermal gloves and leg warmers (disposable or reusable – your choice)

– brushes (for layering procedures);

– tissues, gauze, oilcloth (for tissue-application technique).

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